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I come to the Central African Republic as a pilgrim of peace and as an apostle of hope.
Let us pray for peace in Africa, especially in the Central African Republic and in South Sudan. #prayforpeace
The Central African Republic is on the brink of catastrophe. Share this image to get the word out #CARCrisis
"It makes a 'huge difference' having women in leadership positions in the UN"–
@CornerDSRSG explains her work in Central African Republic.
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In 2014/15, 19 UN peacekeepers allegedly raped 67 people, including 36 children in the Central African Republic
A Catholic church shelters 1,500 Muslims fleeing Central African Republic militia
'Almost every mosque in the Central African Republic destroyed.'
"Horrific" human rights violations documented in new @UNHumanRights and @UN_CAR report on Central African Republic 2003-2015 #CARcrisis
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