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Worst income inequality

1 S Africa
2 Namibia
3 Botswana
4 Zambia
5 Central African Republic
6 Lesotho
7 Swaziland
8 Brazil
9 Colombia
10 Panama

World Bank
I come to the Central African Republic as a pilgrim of peace and as an apostle of hope.
Let us pray for peace in Africa, especially in the Central African Republic and in South Sudan. #prayforpeace
The Central African Republic is on the brink of catastrophe. Share this image to get the word out #CARCrisis
Muslims slaughter dozens in Central African Republic, including priest who planned to move
All of us at UNICEF are deeply saddened and shocked by the killing of our colleague, along with five other education workers, in attack against humanitarian workers in the Central African Republic:

Throughout history, only 22 countries have never been invaded by Britain, including:

Central African Republic
Sao Tome and Principe (possibly because Brits didn’t know it existed)
Vatican City
A neglected humanitarian tragedy.

In Central African Republic, 50% of the population need aid to survive.
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Central African Republic
South Sudan
Côte d'Ivoire

The world’s most dangerous countries to be born. But where are the safest? Find out →

Over half the population in these 5 countries rely on aid for survival.

-South Sudan
-Central African Republic
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