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To the voters’ credit, the leading candidates are either being politically cautious (Biden) or risky important issues (Warren/Bernie) while silly gambits like “ban Trump from Twitter” or “try to make the Catholic Church do gay marriages” aren’t going anywhere.

Photo gallery: Fiesta de la Raza at St. Francis on the Brazos Catholic Church: #Waco 

Catholic schools ‘essential, integral’ to church’s ministry, say educators

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The Vatican is encouraging members of the Catholic Church to make use of its latest tech-based tool, in particular, Millennials and Gen Z.​

The Vatican is encouraging members of the Catholic Church to make use of its latest tech-based tool, in particular, Millennials and Gen Z.​

The PiS, which is close to the country's powerful Catholic Church, notably campaigned on its opposition to the "sexualisation of children" before winning Sunday's general election

CATHOLIC PRIEST MURDERED: Fr. Michael Maingi Kyengo murdered, buried in Embu County. Police exhume body of Fr. Kyengo. Fr. Kyengo is the Parish priest of Thatha Catholic Church. Priest was killed and buried in a shallow grave #JKLive 

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How does the Catholic Church have an Amazonian face?

I’m getting married Saturday, but will be married in the (Catholic) church later this year at La Lomita

Here is a fun fact usually not articulated very clearly. Christianity first came to Germany as the Catholic Church circa 700 AD, more or less at the same time as the Arabs first made an incursion up the Indus River from Gujarat coast. Circa 700 AD, both events.


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Tomorrow I will go to Romania as a pilgrim, to walk together with our brothers of the Romanian Orthodox Church and with the Catholic faithful. I ask you, please, to pray for me.

50yrs ago tonight, as I was exiting our Catholic church, someone from the parking lot shouted: “They've killed King! Martin Luther King is dead!" A cheer arose from some of the all-white crowd exiting the church. It burns in my memory to this day. Thank you Dr King. We carry on

Openly gay student denied permission to give valedictorian speech at graduation. His school's diocese said the speech contained "elements that were political and inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church."

Catholic Church spent $10,600,000 on lobbyists in fight to stymie priest sex abuse lawsuits

Also: “Between 1992 and 1996, Tobin served as auxiliary bishop of Pittsburgh, one of six Pennsylvania dioceses covered in a scathing grand jury report on the cover-up by Catholic Church officials in Pennsylvania of decades of child abuse by more than 300 priests.” 1000 victims

BREAKING: Pope Francis vows Catholic Church will 'never again' cover up clergy sex abuse.

Breaking News: The Catholic Church in Illinois withheld the names of at least 500 priests accused of sexual abuse of minors, the state’s attorney general said

🚨YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS 🚨 Activist liar Nathan Phillips took his drums & chants to the largest Catholic cathedral in America. He stormed the door of the church & had to be held back by security & locked out. He did this *WHILE* people were worshiping (!!!) Despicable.

When you listen to Giuliani explain what Trump knew and when, listen through the filter of his 1st marriage: Giuliani married his cousin for 14 years then got an annulment from the Catholic Church by claiming he didn’t know she was his cousin.

Polish woman carrying a banner, "racism is a sin" is thrown out of a Catholic church where the priest is blessing national/fascists before a march