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Attorneys Daniel Goldman and Steve Castor have both taken crucial and unusually public jobs on opposite sides in Washington's debate over impeachment

Rep. Castor'>Kathy Castor: "We are committed to climate action now." #COP25 

Rep. Castor'>Kathy Castor: "We are committed to climate action now." #COP25 

#Karvy official blames castor fiasco for delay, says payouts of Rs 5.5 crore to 30 clients under process.

Alberta men who killed family near Castor denied request for new trial #ab 

Rep. Castor'>Kathy Castor: "We are committed to climate action now." #COP25 

Daniel Goldman and Stephen Castor have achieved a measure of Washington stardom in recent weeks, grilling high-profile witnesses in televised hearings as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry

Sondland also expressed less confidence in his memory that a call took place on Sept. 9... “I still cannot find a record of that call because the State Dept or the WH cannot locate it. But I’m pretty sure I had the call on that day,” he told Castor.


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The REAL Quid Pro Quo⬇️ STEVE CASTOR: ”Do you know whether Hunter Biden offers anything other than the fact that his dad at the time was the Vice President? " AMB. TAYLOR: “I don’t." #QuidProJoe 

Fiona Hill is operating on a different level than Castor. Consequently, it seems as if he’s just strengthening her credibility as a witness.

Former Ukrainian MP @Leshchenkos  addresses Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and Castor'>Steve Castor in new op-ed that dismantles their accusations of his involvement in the conspiracy theory they’re relying on for defense in the impeachment inquiry

The REAL Quid Pro Quo⬇️ STEVE CASTOR: "So [Hunter Biden] is getting paid $50,000 a month but we don’t know whether he had any experience, spoke the language or whether he moved to Ukraine, correct?" GEORGE KENT: "Correct." #QuidProJoe 

House GOP lawyer Castor trying to lay the foundation for the silly argument that @MayorR Giuliani's demands for a quid pro quo did not really come from Trump. Is the GOP's last defense to throw Giuliani under whatever bus they can find #ImpeachmentHearings 

Questioning Sondland, Castor makes a big point of noting the investigations Trump wanted, as far as Sondland knew, had "nothing to do with Biden." But...Trump himself referred to Biden in asking Zelensky for investigations in the 7/25 call!!! This is nuts. #ImpeachmentHearings 

Castor just asserted in a question that Trump’s “business dealings” in Ukraine were the source of his professed concern about corruption what dealings were those?

Castor: Did the president ever tell you about any preconditions for the military aid or for a White House meeting for Ukraine? Sondland: No. I don't remember anything like that. But the president told us to talk to Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani made the president's wishes clear.

Castor shamelessly trying to suggest that Vindman has dual loyalties.

The men and women of the make immense sacrifices to serve our country and keep us safe. Today I visited with them in Mali, bringing the thanks of Canadians for all their hard work. Thank you to everyone at Castor'>Camp Castor for everything you do, and merry Christmas!