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Carlos Beltran finished his career a champion.
THIS JUST IN: Rangers agree to trade for Yankees OF Carlos Beltran. (via @Yahoo)
THIS JUST IN: Yankees and OF Carlos Beltran have agreed to a 3-year, $45 million deal.
BREAKING: Carlos Beltran has announced his retirement.
This is Carlos Beltran in his rookie season in 1998.

20 seasons later, he's won his first World Series.
Before spring training in 2016 Carlos Beltran asked for one of the young players to be moved into his corner of the clubhouse so that he could help mentor him, talk to him during all the downtime about anything that came up. The player was Aaron Judge.
Carlos Beltran has retired. Terrific career. A great hitter, and once excellent in center and on bases. Should be in cooperstown.
Carlos Beltran gave the scoreboard operater a break by literally tallying his own hit. (via @MLB)
THEEE YANKEES WIN! Carlos Beltran hits 3-run walk-off home run vs Orioles. New York comes back to win, 5-3.
After 20 seasons, Carlos Beltran is calling it a career:
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