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Extreme violence in Paris is mirrored elsewhere, says @BittermannCNN . “Hong Kong, Khartoum, Caracas—you name it, there seem to be more and more nasty confrontations going on practically everywhere.”

The U.S. stepped up its pressure campaign against the Maduro regime in Venezuela by blacklisting the trading brokerage owned by Russia oil giant Rosneft that the U.S. says has been helping Caracas export crude

US steps up pressure on Caracas and Moscow: Treasury sanctions @RosneftEN  for support of @maduro_en  cc @ACLatAm  #ACVenezuela 

It's not Kinshasa or Caracas yet. But Hong Kong is slipping further away from the stability that defines a global financial center, @ClaraMarquesRTR  writes

It's not Kinshasa or Caracas yet. But Hong Kong is slipping further away from the stability that defines a global financial center, @ClaraMarquesRTR  writes via @bopinion 


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thread: This week I was in Venezuela, mostly offline. I observed, from Caracas, the finale of the impeachment trial, Romney's last stand, the firing of civil servants. All around me, people nodded wearily: Yes, they said, we've seen this before...

Sao Paulo, Rio, Caracas and Lima tickets for the #MYWORLDTOUR  are on sale now! LEGGO!

The President says he believes Russia will stay out of Venezuela because he trusts Putin’s gossip? The Russian military's already in Caracas! Months of work by Venezuelans & our diplomats were undone by after his phone call with Putin.

A new poll says many younger Americans have no problem with socialism and some even want to try it. Well, what’s stopping them? Venezuela beckons, there are flights to Caracas everyday.

Thousands of Venezuelans are peacefully gathering near La Carlota Air Base in Caracas, demanding the Venezuelan military support democracy & the delivery of humanitarian aid. A stream of military officials have decided to stand by the people & against Maduro throughout the day.

Venezuelan freedom fighter joined me live from Caracas, where she says no longer ho #NicolasMadurods  strong control of his military. #TrishRegan 

BREAKING: Global Affairs Canada tells CBC News that Canada will recognize Juan Guaido as the new president of Venezuela. The opposition leader took an oath in Caracas a short time ago, declaring himself acting president and saying Nicolas Maduro has been deposed.

He can’t threaten or bribe people to come to rallies like the #MaduroRegime  does. But today had a surprisingly large turnout in . The #Valenciae #Venezuelasistance to , espec #Maduroally  outside of Caracas is growing very strong.

So Dems will have convention in Milwaukee? Hmmm. Given their new direction, would have seemed more fitting for the Dems to meet in Caracas or Havana and show us how great socialism is working there.

Massive protests in Caracas and across Venezuela, fighting for their democracy and to rid themselves from the shackles of the former regime. Even the police in Barquisimeto are supporting the protestors. The United States stands with the people of Venezuela!

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