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THREAD: The U.S.S. Roosevelt is a very sick ship that needs leadership that the crew believes in and trusts. The Navy’s leadership has conducted an initial review and recommended Captain Crozier be reinstated. It’s time for Crozier to return and bring his ship back to health.

Doctors aboard the # USSTheodoreRoosevelt warned #Navy  medical officials in March that the entire aircraft carrier needed to be evacuated. Captain Crozier was right in calling for swift action. He should be reinstated immediately. #CrozierIsAHero  #COVID19 

SCOOP: Members of team investigating COVID19 outbreak aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt & removal of its captain Brett Crozier now self-quarantining after a member tested positive for COVID. "This will not affect the investigation timeline,” says Navy spokesman. w/ @barbarastarrcnn 

Fired aircraft carrier captain Crozier takes Navy job in San Diego

The Navy will announce that it's launching a broader inquiry into the coronavirus outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, effectively delaying the recommendation that Captain Brett Crozier should be reinstated

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Breaking: Navy will announce it is launching a broader inquiry into the the outbreak of coronavirus aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, effectively delaying Navy recommendation of reinstating Captain Brett Crozier. Chief of Naval Ops recommended Crozier’s reinstatement last week.

According to the Navy, the investigation into coronavirus on the carrier Theodore Roosevelt will hold up hearings on the reinstatement of Captain Brett Crozier. #SYR  #LocalSYR 


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This was Captain Brett Crozier washing dishes last Thanksgiving in the scullery while @TheRealCVN71  was underway in Pacific so junior crew members could get time for holiday meal. (This is how its done) . US Navy photo Airman DJ Schwartz.

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Breaking News: The U.S. Navy recommended reinstating Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was fired as captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt after requesting help with a coronavirus outbreak on board. The defense secretary is considering.

Mr. President, you weighed in when Edward Gallagher was convicted of killing a POW. Are you going to intervene now that Captain Brett Crozier has been fired because he was trying to save the lives of his sailors?

The Acting @SECNAV  threw Captain Crozier under the bus without an investigation for trying to protect his crew from a coronavirus outbreak. But these remarks make clear that he lacks the judgment required to lead the Navy. He should resign immediately.

Captain Crozier spoke up to protect his crew Acting Navy Secretary Modly’s words and actions were insulting to those under his responsibility—It’s good he resigned We will continue to fight the Trump admin’s ongoing attacks on those who speak the truth

In Opinion Tweed Roosevelt writes: "Captain Crozier joins a growing list of heroic men and women who have risked their careers over the last few weeks to speak out about life-threatening failures to treat the victims of this terrible pandemic."

Capt. Brett E. Crozier, the Navy captain who was removed from command of a coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier after requesting more help for his sailors, has tested positive for Covid-19

“...colleagues say the mistake that could cost Captain Crozier his career was charging headlong into the Trump administration’s narrative that it had everything under control.”

Whether it’s LTC Vindman, Captain Crozier, or Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson: President Trump fires people for telling the truth.