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It's Sunday... sit back and enjoy @samsmith 's extended #CapitalJBB  set 😍

Get ready to feel festive in 3... 2... 1... 🎄 @Mabel  #CapitalJBB 

Psst, @Mabel  fans... we've uploaded your girl's extended #CapitalJBB  performance on our YouTube channel 😍🔥

Tune into Sky One tonight from 8PM to catch even more #CapitalJBB  action! 📺👀

F.R.I.E.N.D.S @AnneMarie  had a LOT of them singing right back at her at the #CapitalJBB ) 🎉

The look, the vocals, the EVERYTHING 😍 @Mabel  at the #CapitalJBB 

It's official. You can't watch @samsmith  live without smiling. Literally impossible 👏 #CapitalJBB 

Me getting ready for a hot date... 😂👀 @AnneMarie  #CapitalJBB 


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All I Want (For Christmas) is to play at #CapitalJBB  @CapitalOfficial  ❄ Can’t wait to see you there! 🙌🏼

the energy!! the vocals!!!! 😰 @Harry_Styles  singing WMYB is everything. #CapitalJBB 

perfection does not exist. perfection does not exist. perfection does n- @Harry_Styles  #CapitalJBB 

fancy a little walk with @Harry_Styles ? 😍(his lil wave at the end 😩) #CapitalJBB 

So Mikey lost his passport :( That means he cant fly to the UK & has to stay in the US, so were playing #CapitalJBB  as a three piece today..

Uh-oh… @Michael5SOS  lost his passport and can't fly in to see you at the #CapitalJBB . WATCH his video message here -

Excited to open the #CapitalJBB  show tomorrow, get ready to party if you’re coming !! @CapitalOfficial