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Permission to let Chuck Todd wear a backwards cap or hat of some kind? #DemDebate 

Nearly 60,000 people have signed Leslie's petition to cap#insulin  prices in Connecticut. Will you stand with them?

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if the NFL got rid of the draft. Instead, give the worst team the most rookie cap money all the way to the champ having the least. Then let teams bid for services. It’s like a real life fantasy auction.

by my count there are 3 : 80 year olds on stage for this debate and 2 have early onset alzheimers. this is wild. they should really cap this. Always liked Ole Joe biden but boy he is on his last legs

Robbery Force & Violence in the 700 Block of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Lookout for Suspects are 4 to 5 black juveniles males and females, 13 to 16 years of age, one male wearing a black skull cap.

As outlined in the story: Low-risk, high-reward potential. If you can convince Buff to play - impact player and just $1.8 mil cap hit (and decreasing) as of tomorrow. If not, Buff remains suspended without pay, no cap implications, and you get to terminate his contract instead.

@GrantWahl 's Insider Notes: ⚽ The new candidates for the National Soccer Hall of Fame ⚽ Details of NWSL's CBS rights deal ⚽ No cap to MLS DP spending after all? ⚽ Next steps for potential World Cup 2026 hosts

Re questions on NFL CBA: (1) Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to; (2) the Players want a lot but the only thing of true value they have to offer are extra games; (3) the Players need to focus on higher team minimum spending; Cap increases are hollow without that.

Today's question Feb. 20: Should there be a cap on self-financing in the presidential race?

Kentucky House unanimously votes in favor to cap out-of-pocket insulin costs


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hey @MarkRuffalo  looks like Cap needs a little tutoring from the science bros.

Cap knows best... Keep those spoilers to yourself...

Excellent job Jason Statham, I tip my cap to you. I’ll take it from here. I nominate Floyd Mayweather. @ProperWhiskey 

One final goodbye for a legend. Ichiro tips his cap to the Tokyo crowd as he leaves his last MLB game.

I don’t think the Dems on the Border Committee are being allowed by their leaders to make a deal. They are offering very little money for the desperately needed Border Wall & now, out of the blue, want a cap on convicted violent felons to be held in detention!

"I did it, dad!" The best bottle cap challenge yet ❤️ (via @korbin_jackson )

Yall need to get on the trucker cap hype

Calum keeps wearing a trucker cap, an intervention is needed

So tell me again why there's a cap on how much a player should get?? Don't answer that. Steph should be getting 400M this summer 5yrs. #JMTs