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3 arrested and 120 kg 'ganja' (cannabis) recovered from their possession in the Hadapsar area of Pune yesterday. Further investigation underway: Pune Police

GLCO teamed with a Californiacannabis company for a limited edition release that's guaranteed to get you shaded and faded.

The cure-all debate over the cannabis compound has distracted from the serious — and seriously odd — back story of how cannabidiol conquered the country, writes @msamandalewis 

How do you hedge your exposure to these new cannabis/pot focused companies? Enter the Montreal Exchange and the launch of their Cannabis Index Futures.

"Some of the states that legalized medical cannabis have implemented robust testing standards, and bona fide CBD can be found at many marijuana dispensaries, both on its own and in a variety of ratios with THC," writes @msamandalewis .

Cannabis is more effective at preventing and treating COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine (story by @mrgreene1977 )

Cannabis found to fight brain cancer as drug helps humans and dogs #CannabisCommunity  #CBD  #cbdhealth 

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The stakes are high for the nascent cannabis industry as it tries to navigate state-mandated social distancing measures and cutbacks in discretionary spending.​

Cannabis company charged with touting phony #Covid19  home test #CrainsNY 

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The Democrats’ $3 trillion dollar wishlist mentioned the word “cannabis” more times than it did “jobs.” It was a pot bill. Not a pandemic bill.

How do you explain a House Democratic Party so crazy that their new $3 trillion proposal has 68 references to Cannabis and only 52 references to jobs? Maybe Speaker Pelosi of San Francisco believes “California Dreamin” could become the new national anthem.

House Democrats’ huge new bill would cut taxes for blue-state millionaires, send government checks to illegal immigrants, and — wait for it — mandate two separate taxpayer-funded studies of diversity in the cannabis industry. This is their effort at coronavirus relief?

My cannabis company Houseplant made strain specific LPs. The Sativa LP has upbeat music. The Indica LP has super mellow music. The Hybrid one is right in between.

After five years of hard work, I’m pleased to be launching my cannabis company, Houseplant. Thank you.

‘We cannot prove medical promise unless we fund the research.’ — @Ocasio2018  got Republicans to prove her point about cannabis, MDMA, and psilocybin research

CBS won't allow this cannabis PSA to air during the Super Bowl — watch it yourself

Jay Z is now in the legal weed business. He has entered in a multiyear partnership with a California-basedcannabis company:

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’73% of cannabis executives in Colorado and Washington are male, 81% are white.’ — The legal cannabis industry is not righting the wrongs of the war on drugs and is on it

Coca-Cola is supposedly considering cannabis-infused drinks. Just a reminder: there are still people in prison because of marijuana. Let’s address that first.