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A shivering toddler was found clinging to the body of her drowned mother in a rain-swollen canal in Southeast Texas:
Why not spend Rs 3,600cr on building a Shivaji canal that runs through Maharashtra and gives water to farmers so they don't commit suicide?
I didn’t even know that the Cops were telling folks I went into the canal at this point.. Got to call my dad at 10am.. “I fucked up dad”
This dog was trapped in a canal — and he thanked his rescuer in the sweetest way 🐶💕
Bill Polian gave me a 2nd chance thru it all.. “You gotta stop drinkin the hard stuff Patty”.. “They allege you went into the Canal”
This kid rescued a dog from a canal — with his legs! 👏👏👏
#TateWeather saw a light change in London this week. Did anyone see a sky as yellow as in Turner’s Chichester Canal?
This is how root canal surgery works
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imagine drinking coffee watching over the grand canal in Venice, Italy! ☀️
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