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Why not spend Rs 3,600cr on building a Shivaji canal that runs through Maharashtra and gives water to farmers so they don't commit suicide?
This dog was trapped in a canal — and he thanked his rescuer in the sweetest way 🐶💕
This kid rescued a dog from a canal — with his legs! 👏👏👏
Man saves drowning dog by hauling him out of a canal using his LEGS - and is hailed as a ‘wonderful young man’
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imagine drinking coffee watching over the grand canal in Venice, Italy! ☀️
This is how root canal surgery works
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Trump: "I think we did a good job" on the Panama Canal.
"Yes, 100 years ago," replied the Panamanian president.
OOOOOOH CE BUT DE @Cristiano ! 😱
#ElClasico #SuperCopa sur CANAL+SPORT !
Manila!!! You were awesome tonight. I'll see you tomorrow at the Venice Grand Canal at McKinley Hill
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