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Japan's cargo ship delivered new lithium-ion batteries in September to upgrade the station's power systems during future spacewalks. They were removed from the ship by 's robotic arm Canadarm2 and stowed on the station.
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The entire 55-foot robotic arm assembly, called the Canadarm2, is capable of lifting 220,000 pounds, which is the weight of a Space Shuttle orbiter. Sometimes, we use it to move cargo spacecraft or astronauts on spacewalks! #SpaceStation20th
. and released with Canadarm2 at 4:40am ET tod#Dragonay for return to Earth.
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Two spacewalkers worked 6 hours, 55 minutes to replace Latching End Effector on station’s robotic arm, Canadarm2.
Nearly 5 hours into today's spacewalk, and align spare robotic hand, or the Latching End Effector, with the Canadarm2.
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International Space Station officials have postponed Monday’s spacewalk to swap latching end effectors on the Canadarm2 robotic arm to mid-February.
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