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The Liberal Party denies there was an unofficial meeting to warn White House staffers about possible election interference. But in his new book, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie@chrisinsilico  says it happened, and he was there.

“The capabilities are still there.” Why Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie is still worried

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie tells CBS News that Facebook is like a "stalker" that knows too much about you: "You are vulnerable to being manipulated"

“We think that there’s a captain of the ship—but what happens when somebody figures out how to move the ocean?” Cambridge Analytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico  on @bigthinkagain  w @jgots 

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Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America via @politicalwire 

I am IMMEDIATELY buying this book by Chris Wylie (Cambridge Analytica whistleblower) regardless of whether it is good: because books are a form of patronage to support great people who frankly deserve a public salary. Well done.

“I can appear like a newspaper. I can appear like an expert. I can feel like your friend. I can appear like a funny meme. And you don't know what I am.“ TOMORROW: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower @chrisinsilico  on @bigthinkagain  w @jgots 

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"That's libellous, you can't put this online, my friend.” Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips denies working for Cambridge Analytica in Kenya, speaking to @Channel4News . A few days later she admitted working for the firm's parent company.

Exclusive: Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips has finally admitted she worked for Cambridge Analytica - after initially denying any connection with the disgraced data company.

The AP has learned that Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is secretly working with former employees of disgraced political consultancy company Cambridge Analytica.

68 Journalists, writers and bureaucrats given 2-5 Lakh/month to write against PM Modi through Cambridge Analytica! via - IT should register a case

Vote Leave cheated. Leave. EU cheated. Cambridge Analytica ran military psych ops on millions of UK citizens using illegal data from FB Why isn’t this on the front pages day in day out? Because Leavers don’t care. I don’t want to hear another word from them about democracy.

EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Analytica bosses say they “ran all the digital campaign” for Donald Trump - including potentially illegal activities. #CambridgeAnalyticaUSA 

Tomorrow, we'll take you inside the world of Cambridge Analytica after our reporters went undercover as prospective clients. The full story tomorrow night at 19:00 GMT - on Channel 4 News.

Wow. I just was given an embargoed preview of Channel 4 News' new documentary on Cambridge Analytica. It will go live in 93 minutes. It is pure dynamite. Ka-boom.

If true, these messages represent more secret communications between the Trump campaign and cut-outs for the Kremlin, along with Roger Stone and Cambridge Analytica. It also demonstrates again a willingness by the highest levels of the Trump campaign to accept foreign assistance.