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Spread the word: You can register in person on Election Day in California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota (no registration), Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
In one speech yesterday, the president invented nonexistent riots in California and a nonexistent Democratic policy of giving luxury cars to unauthorized immigrants. Afterward, he touted a nonexistent plan to pass a major tax cut in the next 10 days.
Alabama, California, South Dakota: Your deadline to register to vote is today. Time to check your voter registration and get your friends and family to do the same.
Witnesses say this man pulled over to save a wild rabbit from flames along Highway 1 in Southern California as the massive #ThomasFire spreads toward Santa Barbara County.
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BREAKING NEWS: The following states will join New York in suing the FCC to defend #NetNeutrality protections:

-North Carolina
Everyone takes pride in going to the polls on Election Day. But let me remind you, many states like California have alternative ways to cast your ballot such as early voting and vote-by-mail. Let’s get those votes in. There’s too much at stake.
Hello from California, @realDonaldTrump. 👋

We are not “rioting.”

We do, however, think it is a horrific tragedy that migrant children remain separated from their families because of your horrendous immigration policies.
California !!! Knows how to party !
ICE arrested a California man on Wednesday when he stopped for gas while driving his wife to the hospital for her C-section. She ended up driving herself the rest of the way, giving birth alone.
It's not getting nearly enough coverage, but Rep.Duncan Hunter (the indicted California congressman) is running one of the most openly anti-Muslim campaigns we've ever seen, with shameful smears of his opponent.
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