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#CNNTownHall How illegal is it to kidnap a teacher and force her to live with us?

#CNNTownHall Is it possible to send my children for distance learning?

#CNNTownHall Do you feel obligated to say “That’s a good question?”

#CNNTownHall Fo you hear a faint scream?

Cooper throws childish tantrum over criticism of Greta being a #CNNtownhall  guest

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Do you have any messages of hope? Tweet them with #CNNTownHall  and we may display some on the air.

Is there a potential role for suddenly unemployed journalists in contact tracing? #CNNTownHall 

#CNNtownhall when will antibody tests be available and where can we get them?


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"The KKK has been involved in law enforcement from when it started" says Kinloch, Missouri police chief #CNNTownHall 

For whatever reason, I believe Donald Trump doesn't fully understand what being president is all about. #CNNTownHall 

One thing I would do in the first 100 seconds as President: Fire Betsy DeVos. #CNNTownHall 

I have a plan for the first 100 days of my presidency. But in the first 100 seconds, I will fire Betsy DeVos. #CNNTownHall 

I've spent my entire adult life fighting against everything that Trump stands for. #CNNTownHall 

Immigrants don't diminish America, they are America. #CNNTownHall 

"I don't think we will, no," Sanders says of releasing more medical records during his #CNNTownHall .

Graham: If Jeff Sessions spoke with Russian diplomat, “then for sure you need a special prosecutor” #CNNTownHall 

@mosesbread72 : I would like to challenge every American watching this show to treat people better. #CNNTownHall 

How does it happen that Mr. Trump shows admiration for a leader who is trying to undermine democracies all around the world? #CNNTownHall