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Corporations have already laid off 100,000 American workers in 2018. Meanwhile, corporate CEOs are fattening their wallets with stock buybacks thanks to the #TrumpTax. #TaxDay
The #GOPTaxScam opened the door for a deluge of corporate buybacks that benefit CEOs and shareholders, NOT the average worker. WATCH:
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We’re up to 29! @SenKamalaHarris just signed on to my effort to reverse the repeal of #NetNeutrality rules! We only need 30 to force a vote on the Senate floor. To @realDonaldTrump, @AjitPaiFCC and the broadband CEOs: we’re not stopping until we #SaveNetNeutrality!
I will call on Her Majesty The Queen, hold talks with PM @theresa_may and meet leading CEOs to deepen economic relations. An Ayurveda Centre of Excellence will be launched in London. During this visit, UK would be welcomed to the International Solar Alliance as well.
Stronger business relations between India and Sweden augur well for the people of our nations. Met a group of leading Swedish CEOs at the roundtable in Stockholm.
It's time for Mr. Zuckerberg and the other CEOs to testify before Congress. The American people deserve answers about social media manipulation in the 2016 election.
Remember when CEOs said they'd create thousands of jobs if we gave them massive tax cuts? Well, AT&T, Comcast and Pfizer just laid off hundreds of workers right after the Republicans passed their pathetic tax bill.
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America First: European CEOs Go One By One To Tell Trump They Are Investing Billions Back In The US

Weird how the media narrative is trying to sell exactly the opposite. Luckily they no longer have any credibility!
You can’t make this up. Today one of America's most powerful CEOs is grilled by Congress because the Russians used his platform to try to elect a president who’s now at the center of an investigation into Russian meddling, and whose top personal lawyer was just raided by the FBI.
Great meeting with CEOs of leading U.S. health insurance companies who provide great healthcare to the American people.
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