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Interacted with CEOs at the #ChampionsOfChange programme. Sharing my speech on the occasion.
Send a message to the CEOs on Trump's Advisory Councils. Boycott GM & Ford cars, Campbell Soup, Dell Computers, Whirlpool appliances...
Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, quit WH manufacturing council, joining CEOs of Merck, Under Armour & Intel
CEO Subversion- @LouDobbs: “Every one of those CEOs is a coward & grandstander in the service of the left.” #Dobbs#MAGA#TrumpTrain@POTUS
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Great meeting with CEOs of leading U.S. health insurance companies who provide great healthcare to the American people.
Presentations by CEOs are on, 'New India by 2022’, Digital India, health & nutrition, education & skill development and India’s soft power.
The CEOs on the panel actually decided to end this on a conference call.
Been hearing the insightful presentations by young CEOs on a wide range of subjects, at the programme organised by @NITIAayog.
After literally standing next to Wall St CEOs, @realDonaldTrump made it easier for investment advisors to cheat you out of your savings.
What CEOs would work with a politician who refuses to condemn white supremacy and neo-Nazis by name?
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