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This is an extremely important story from Bloomberg.

Many CEOs say the money they save from GOP tax cuts will go to shareholders, undercutting claims that the cuts will boost economy and wages:

Which is a reminder:
Report: Newly released documents show Mick Mulvaney raked in huge cash from payday loan CEOs just days before he pressured government regulators to back off payday lending rules (via @IBTimes)
To be perfectly clear: The @SenateMajLdr is admitting to a room full of CEOs that in order to make their corporate tax cuts permanent, Senate Republicans will gladly take health care away from 13 million people.
Our health system isn't designed to provide quality care to all in a cost-effective way. It's designed to provide huge profits to insurance and drug companies and exorbitant compensation packages to CEOs.
JUST IN: Weinstein's desperate email to Hwood CEOs, moguls hours before his firing. Read to me by a disgusted (male) recipient
Great meeting with CEOs of leading U.S. health insurance companies who provide great healthcare to the American people.
Here's what Trump and corporate CEOs don't want you to know: Corporate tax cuts don't create jobs. They go into the pockets of wealthy CEOs.
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Why are big CEOs trying to convince the American people that trickle-down economics works? We already know that it doesn't.
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Cutting taxes on huge corporations doesn’t create jobs. It makes CEOs richer and puts a bigger burden on the middle class. #PayUpCorps
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