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The Federal Energy Minister without an energy policy, Angus "Water Rights" Taylor, displaying either his own stupidity or contempt for AFR readers' intelligence today: "Should CEOs capitulate to the demands from the green left to prematurely close down coal and gas generators...

CEOs from 51 tech companies signed a letter to U.S. congressional leaders urging them to create “a comprehensive consumer data privacy law.” We agree that it’s time to protect Americans’ digital privacy! @repgregwalden  @cathymcmorris  @SenatorWicker 

Goldman analyst conference asks @evanspiegel : is there a piece of advice you'd give to other startup CEOs transitioning into running public companies? "Don't go public," Spiegel jokes.

Excellent @eliotwb  @WSJ  profile of #WeWork  #CEO  #AdamNeumann  that inc/ tequila, pot, Run-DMC, notions of becoming Israeli prime minister and these lines: "Like some high-profile CEOs in tech, he hopes to live forever..." That is not hyperbole. #Tech 

CEOs See Slowdown Because Why Spend Money On Stuff That’s Just Gonna Go Up In Flames At Rhe Imminent End of Days?

All The S&P 500 Women CEOs In One Timeline (2000-2019) #BUSINESS  #womenCEOs  $$ $$

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Ivanka Trump went to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington today for the third meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board she co-chairs. I asked her what concerns, if any, CEOs are raising with her about the trade war with China...

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Highlight: “CEOs are now lowering their growth expectations for the year,” @JessicaASmith8  says on CEO optimism dropping in a steady decline for the sixth quarter in a row.

CEOs downgraded their economic outlook in the latest Business Roundtable survey. Here’s why.


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Last month I wrote an open letter to the CEO of @Walmart  about ending gun violence. I got an email that day from @LEVIS  CEO Chip Bergh that it got him “thinking” about what more could be done. Today, he got 145 CEOs to do this:

Uber cannot be allowed to get away with huge payouts for their CEOs while refusing to pay drivers a decent wage and respect their rights at work. Stand with these workers on strike today, across the UK and the world, asking you not to use Uber between 7am and 4pm. #UberShutDown 

I have been criticized for saying this, but I do not believe CEOs of pharmaceutical companies should be making tens of millions of dollars a year while working people are dying from rationing their medicine.

What insurance company CEOs made in 2017: -Leonard Schleifer (Regeneron): $95.3 million -Dave Wichmann (UnitedHealth): $83.2 million -Mark Bertolini (Aetna): $58.7 million We need a system that provides health care for all, not massive compensation for a few CEOs. #MedicareForAll 

It makes no sense that kids who get caught with marijuana get police records while Wall St. CEOs who helped destroy the economy get raises.

Great meeting with CEOs of leading U.S. health insurance companies who provide great healthcare to the American people.

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Not content with a budget busting tax break that has helped the wealthy and CEOs, the Trump admin is considering another $100 billion gift. Remember this when they say we have to cut Medicare or Medicaid to save money.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty angry about this. Thanks to the GOP tax bill, CEOs are cashing out instead of investing in their companies or giving their workers a raise. It’s not right.

We’re up to 29! just signed on to my effort to reverse the repeal of rules! We only #NetNeutralityneed  30 to force a vote on the Senate floor. To , and the broadband CEOs: we’re not stopping until we ! #SaveNetNeutrality 

After literally standing next to Wall St CEOs, @realDonaldTrump  made it easier for investment advisors to cheat you out of your savings.