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Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack: “We know there’s gonna be some backlash… We concluded that if these kids are brave enough to organize and do what they’re doing then we should be brave enough to take this stand.”
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Mayweather Promotions CEO says Floyd will now join MJ and Tiger as the only athletes with over $1B in career earnings.
Statement from #Patriots Chairman & CEO Robert Kraft:
2006: This CEO says it's safe to deregulate his big bank.
2008: He's proven wrong when his bank gets $1.4B taxpayer bailout.
2017: He's back lobbying Congress to deregulate again.
This week: A bunch of Senators side with him over taxpayers by voting for the #BankLobbyistAct.
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Delta CEO defends choice to end NRA partnership in the wake of Georgia legislature killing the company's coveted tax break: "Our decision was not made for economic gain and our values are not for sale."
For every CEO that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!
@GAEMS_CEO @GAEMS_PGE thank you for the sickest gaming box ever ! We love these things!
Also in Guardian: documents show that Cambridge Analytica presentation to Russian oil/gas company Lukoil show a 2014 presentation "focused on election disruption techniques." Lukoil CEO Vagit Alekperov is Putin ally.
.@WellsFargo CEO Tim Sloan enabled the bank’s massive fake accounts scam, got rich off it, and helped cover it up. He should have been fired – instead, he just got a big, fat raise.
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