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basically the rules are simple , short 40 ATM PE's, buy 20 ATM+100 PE's,( ITM) and buy ATM-400 PE and buy ATM-100 CE 's ( ITM CE)

In the name of transparency I also hope the county reconsiders their policy of redacting the income ranges — not even specific incomes — that correspond with officials’ disclosure of their other jobs and investments. Ex. is the now-CE’s ‘16 form, from when she was a legislator.

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NO Legislation on deregulation of trading hours NO Productivity Commission NO Infrastructure SA NO tenders issued on grates for the Southern Expressway NO staff vacancies filled NO new CE’s NO Machinery of Govt changes NO Budget until September So what is Mr Marshall doing?

RT @nnlmpnr : New post: Updated Online CE’s Now Available for the Disaster Information Specialization