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This is explosive !! It should be made public who was the PMO Officer who was in touch with CBI ? Why he was in touch ? What was his motive ? why ASTHANA was in touch wth sushil modi ! All of them should be brought to justice !
Disclosure by CBI official is most explosive but no TV is running it ? Do I need to guess why ? But don’t worry social media and digital space is doing journalism at least. I am sure tomorrow’s newspaper will also carry though there will be serious effort to suppress !
Let Namo set up a monitoring unit under his Principal Secretary Nripen Mishra on all cases, and let CBI, ED , IT, DRI directly interact with Mishra, restore Alok Verma and give promotion due to Rajeshwar as ED Addl Dir, then TDK etc will be in Tihar
CBI deputy inspector general M.K. Sinha revealed in Supreme Court how PM Modi's top functionaries, including National Security Adviser, Ajit Doval & CVC Commissioner intervened in CBI investigations.
Very explosive affidavit in Supreme Court on CBI saga – Is Rakesh Asthana, the Duryodhana in the 2019 Mahabharata? via @pGurus1
Chidambaram parked 40 million dollar bribe got from Aircel-Maxis deal in NDTV, informs Income Tax Commissioner to CBI via @pGurus1
The players in the CBI massacre are about to suspend ED’s Rajeshwar so that he cannot file the chargesheet against PC. If so I will have no reason to fight the corrupt since my govt is hell bent on protecting them. I shall then withdraw from all the corruption cases I have filed.
I learn from my sources that the Lookout Notice issued by CBI for Mallya was modified from “Block Departure” to “Report Departure” on October 24, 2015 on orders from someone in MoF. Who?
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