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"Every fraction of a degree matters." Greta Thunberg tells the global elite that "nothing has been done on #ClimateChange " – follow our business live blog for the latest news, analysis and reaction 2020 #Davos  #Davos2020 

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Baseball's cheating is a focus in Business Matters with Russell Padmore today. Will money from sponsors strike out?

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@elhauge  It's lunacy to disassociate the increasingly gangster-style arrangements in big business from the raw cynicism of our politics. Yes, there's racism, and yes it matter, but come the fucking on. The color that matters is green.

There are plenty of pressing business matters that remain undiscussed at News Corp.

One way to think about this is that Giuliani is being compensated for his legal work by his ability to seek business abroad while operating as the president’s personal envoy on intertwined matters, I.e Ukraine.


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1. I see that #BlackWallStreet  is trending. There's a reason that the massacre of black independent business people in 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma isn't widely known. It's because history matters, and so does covering it up. The late 1910s/1920s were a decade of near-fascism.

Here’s why #Turkey  matters: we’re safer at home b/c the Kurds helped us fight ISIS. @realDonald Trump just gave a green light to Turkey — where he has millions of $ in business — to slaughter the Kurds. This only benefits Trump, not you, & Kurds will die. Who will help us again?

Big Business Faustian ComeuppanceChina's swift action against NBA is reminder to American consumers major corporations have decided China's market matters more than ours. Many take USA profits to build in China willingly losing money & intellectual property and their souls.

A federal judge has unsealed court records that confirm a former business associate of President Donald Trump cooperated extensively with the FBI on matters ranging from organized crime to Al Qaida

A Polish lady - who has lived in Scotland for 15 years - came to my surgery today with her employer who told me this lady has acquired skills that are now business critical for him. One reason why free movement matters. She wanted to thank Scotland for making her welcome. PL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Highly inappropriate, unacceptable and inflammatory for an official party handle to be tweeting this. India speaks in one strong voice against terrorism. Our domestic politics and debate are our business and no one else's . Please focus on your own matters. Thank you.

“He’s a weak person. And not a very smart person.” So you retain him as your lawyer and fixer and hand him some of your most sensitive personal and business matters?!?

One reason I wanted to win was he’d treat the economy like a business. I predicted a big move up. The DJIA was 18k election night, now 25k. Why it matters: when Corps make money, they RAISE WAGES, hire employees, spend on new products.

Chaos. It’s great show business, which is why Trump loves it. But it’s ruinous for the economy & financial markets, national security, foreign policy, most everything that matters. Chaos corrodes democracy.

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