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@xu_xiuzhong  We report on this in two ways - There's the front of the paper which often reports the latest controversy in China, then there is the business section reporting on the key business deals, says @GlendaKorporaal  #auschina2019 

The Better Business Bureau is in the house this Monday for NEWS 8's Putting You First - offering you advice on new scams to watch out for, holiday spending tips, travel deals, and answering your consumer questions. Call or watch Monday on NEWS 8 from 5-6:30 p.m.

Working with business owners/master barbers 💈Mr Pure Profection my DC Homeboy traveling across the country cutting all the celebrities hair making sure they got there grooming together. Stay tuned! BIG DEALS! #barber  #business  #actor  #haircut  #hiphop  #television  #film 

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#News @SecretaryRoss  leads business executives on trade mission across th #IndoPacific  . Visits t #Thailand  #Indonesia  , an #Vietnam  leads to new deals and deeper ties. … #indopacificbizforumj #DOCIPBF19aG

There was an understanding between Trump and the worst people in Ukraine: they could keep looting their own country, with the blessing of the president of the US, and in exchange they’d give Trump cronies business deals and subvert the 2020 election for him.

4/ crooked business dealsParnas, Rudy, Perry, Lutsenko were trying to do. So that leaves the question, if that was the plan how did getting Bill Taylor help with that? I think we can see the answer to this in the disconnect between the White House and State.

@CongressmanRaja  spells out it out: After the firing of Marie Yovanovitch and before the arrival of Amb. Bill Taylor, Trump sent Gordon Sondland and Rick Perry to strong arm Ukraine while @MayorRGiuliani  worked with “Lev and Igor” on corrupt business deal #TrumpBriberyCrimes .

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There’re a few times I wish was still a media reporter; once you are out of it there is lot more free flowing info flow, on deal pipelines, deals that didn’t happen, private co revenues, gossip on execs etc. I could start an anonymous Twitter feed, but no business in that, right?

@naftalibennett ’s past experience negotiating business deals served him well in ironing out the end of the #conflict  with #Gaza .

#News @SecretaryRoss  leads business executives on trade mission across th #IndoPacific  . Visits t #Thailand  #Indonesia  , an #Vietnam  leads to new deals and deeper ties. #indopacificbizforum  #DOCIPBF19 


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The incoming NRA president only agreed to participate in the trip after he was offered the opportunity to explore lucrative business deals with Russian weapons manufacturers, on the condition that he bring the NRA to Russia.

“We call on Biden to release the transcripts of his calls as Vice President with Ukrainian and Chinese leaders while his son was conducting shady business deals in those countries." - @RRMGOP 

Someone might want to point out to the President that he is establishing the precedent for the next President to push foreign governments to investigate his own children's business deals.

USA has the greatest business people in the world but we let political hacks negotiate our deals. We need change! #BigLeagueTruth  #Debate 

We must not normalize the fact that the president and his family are personally profiting from foreign business deals while they serve in government.

@AP  Exclusive: A federal grand jury in New York is investigating whether top Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy used his position as vice chair of President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee to drum up foreign business deals.

We currently have 81 trade deals with a host of allies, not to mention membership of the largest trading bloc in the world. We are on the brink of abandoning all of it because our self-imposed weakness is a massive business opportunity for shady British & American billionaires.

We now know Trump was pursuing business deals in Russia during the campaign. Is this when Putin agreed to help him win the election?

Michael Cohen is the most important non-Trump in the Trump business world. He oversaw nearly all the foreign deals as the Trump Org shifted its focus to sketchy third-tier overseas oligarchs. 1/

Big doubts emerging on “acting A.G.” Whitaker. Legality of appointment, past business deals, questioning Marbury vs. Madison etc etc. Through it all we must uphold the independence of the Mueller investigation and thus the rule of law.