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@perilsofbirding  @fliceverettSeriously , the fact that you use the word "bitter " without a hint of irony is a staggering lack of self-awareness. It's classic Burgon.

The members who overwhelmingly elected Starmer, humiliated RLB and trounced Burgon?

@BenJolly9  You don’t outnumber them. This is self-serving tosh. Starmer got 57% RLB 27%. A fine man like Burgon got humiliated. Live in denial if you want to but don’t expect others not to call it out.

"For Burgon, everything came back to the iniquities of privatisation - his hostility to the private sector defied caricature" | writes @jdowling77 

Tottenham MP @DavidLammy  who wrote a major report on the treatment of people from ethnic minority groups in the criminal justice system is Labour’s new shadow justice secretary, replacing Burgon'>Richard Burgon who’s left the shadow cabinet completely

Richard Burgon is latest Corbyn ally to be sacked as Keir Starmer finalises new Shadow Cabinet

Since Jeremy Corbyn appointed Burgon'>Richard Burgon as a shadow minister in 2015, the dedicated socialist has been a regular source of entertainment to Westminster watchers. Here are his greatest hits:

Mr Burgon had held the role of shadow justice secretary


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Labour's Burgon'>Richard Burgon says he "regrets" calling Zionism the "enemy of peace", after footage of an old speech emerged The shadow justice secretary had previously denied making the comments, in a BBC interview with [tap to expand]

I guess Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon won the argument

#Marr : Could Tony Blair be a lecturer at a new ‘Tony Benn School of Political Education’? Labour deputy leadership candidate Burgon'>Richard Burgon: "He’d be welcome to come and learn"

In all the kerfuffle no one noticed Burgon being weird.

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Polls and all objective evidence suggest Labour will never win an election with a Long-Bailey/Burgon team.

Burgon backs Rebecca Long Bailey for leader, says he'll "consider" running for deputy. That'll see Boris in Downing Street until 2029. #Ridge 

In the last 24 hours both Ben Bradshaw and Richard Burgon have been caught out making things up, creating Twitter storms which were subsequently debunked pretty easily. Looks like the general election campaign has started...

This is interesting. Wish I’d had that clip from 2014 when I interviewed Mr Burgon.