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@BuckSexton It’s the zinc that inhibits the virus! ICYMI, watch: Why Chloroquine works with zinc. -

“About 500,000 human beings were killed in Syria while Barack Obama was president & leading for a “political settlement” to that civil war. Media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point during 7 years of slaughter.” BuckSexton

@BuckSexton : "I would think that’s unhelpful to release the video over the long term."


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@BuckSexton  says daily Intel leaks are the work of people intending to "bring the WH down"

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@BuckSexton : It's inconceivable that any rational adult would be okay with personal attacks against children such as Barron Trump.

“There’s nothing to be gained from what the #Democrats  are doing here,” says @BuckSexton  on #CIA  report release. #Kellyfile 

@BuckSexton  on #ISIS : “If they go after the U.S. military, it’s essentially going to be them requesting their own annihilation.” #KellyFile 

@BuckSexton  on teen murdered in anti #American  attack: “People want to pretend… that this is not the problem that it is.” #KellyFile 

@BuckSexton  on suspected #ISIS  recruiter in #Minnesota : “This is happening around the country right now.” #KellyFile