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The Olympia Restaurant with Buck Henry - SNL via @YouTube 

SNL is a rerun tonight. But on the 10pm Eastern normal repeat show tonight, they’re running one from 1976 hosted by Buck Henry, who died last week. Looking forward to this tribute.

A memory for Buck Henry. He made one word especially memorable. Remember it?

Ahead: UNCANNY VALLEY, a memoir about Silicon Valley, and a former employee who began to question what high-tech is doing. Then Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey on their new Dr. Doolittle. And a remembrance for Buck Henry.


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Buck Henry, the legendary screenwriter behind 'The Graduate' and 'What’s Up, Doc?', died tonight of a heart attack at Cedars-Sinai Health Center in Los Angeles. He was 89.

David Letterman: Do you have any hobbies? Buck Henry: I have hobbies. DL: Do you have any pets? BH: I'm not allowed to have pets. DL: Why? BH: Because of my hobbies. #RIPBuckHenry 

So sad to hear of the passing of Buck Henry. Just an honor to get to speak his dialogue in To Die For and have him off camera smile, sometimes critique. His ear for comedy was flawless. #RIPBuckHenry 

I wanted to share this photo that Buck Henry took of me while shooting the final scene in To Die For. It was actually the first scene I shot and man was I excited. Buck Henry taking a picture of me? I mean C'mon. #RIPBuckHenry 

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Buck Henry, an actor, writer and director who was nominated for two Oscars, died at age 89. Henry co-created the original “Get Smart” series, which ran on TV from 1965 to 1970. He was also part of the initial run of “Saturday Night Live."

The writer and actor Buck Henry has died at age 89. He had an often overlooked but potent influence on comedy: He created "Get Smart" with Mel Brooks, wrote "The Graduate," appeared on "SNL" several times and played Liz Lemon's father on "30 Rock."