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The future of “social media” is getting more insight from ten randomly typed URLs in your browser than from the ten algorithmically recommended links from Twitter and Facebook.

Surprising to me Amazon and Disney+ don't have Windows apps. Watching this content in a browser is not the best customer experience. While I know why, Apple should make one for TV+ as well.

Ask Engadget: What browser plug-ins will help with holiday shopping?

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Google Stadia is part game console, part streaming service. For a single subscription fee of $10, Google promises to stream PC-quality games to practically any device that can run a web browser. But as always, there's a catch

@abigailedge  @BCUJournalismStudents  at @BCUJournalismgetting  a sneak preview from @abigailedgeof  the soon-to-be-released Google Earth functionality to create stories/fly-throughs within the browser like this one: #bcujournos 

@bvanmaarseveen  Hey Bart — We recently relaunched the website and we working on a caching fix to make it accessible. What browser are you using?

Improving Product Design with 3D Sculptor 3D Sculptor is a browser-based subdivision (Sub-D) modeling application that enables the creation of ergonomic and organically shaped models more quickly and efficiently than traditional parametric modeling tools.

Browser'>Libre Browser - "Built on Chromium with code but without the #opensourceependency  on Google web services and tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency." good to see more privacy-enhanced options emerging.

Well that was quick — Chinesebrowser app that promised to let users legally bypass the country’s internet censorship has disappeared days after launching

BodyPix: Real-Time Person Segmentation in the Browser with Tensorflow.js ()


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Trump changed his permanent residence to Florida, so we made a browser extension that changes his name to "Florida Man." Download:

The Geert Wilders account has since deleted his photo with Lindsey Graham, but I had the tab still open on my browser so here it is:

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We made a browser extension that turns Trump's tweets into crayon scribbles. Works really well with this one! Download:

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We made a browser extension that converts Trump’s Tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble. Download:

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just clearing my browser don’t mind me

Not sure why #NetNeutrality  matters? Imagine if your service provider could stop you from ordering Domino’s online — by slowing down your connection or crashing your browser — because Pizza Hut is paying them. 🍕

my girlfriend has literally 40 browser tabs open on her $170 chromebook. some tabs are like a week old and it’s not even slowing down. it’s astounding. trying to imagine what 1998 me would think of that. he’d be amazed i have a girlfriend

Congress voted to allow your internet provider to sell your browser history. Long story short, goodbye sweet internet.

From his own invention I open my browser to it's homepage. Today it took my breath away. #ThankYouSteve . Going to eat Apples all day.