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I love Brooks Brothers but their sales people always make me feel slightly inferior. It’s not that they are doing anything. They just have that look. I want to be one so bad!

They're trying to convince you that Lt. Col. Vindman, who wears a Springfield rifle on a sea of blue, with a purple heart is not loyal to our country. Just because it's cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit and parliamentary language doesn't make it any more defensible.

HIMES says that Castor's questioning may have been "cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit and parliamentary language" but was really about questioning Vindman's loyalty.

From the Bronx to the billionaires club: how Ralph Lauren sold his dream to the world He started by selling clothing for Brooks Brothers, then pushing selling gloves and ties. When the clothes he was selling became too limiting, he designed his own.

Ohhh! Himes goes after Castor: An attack on Vindman’s loyalty that comes “cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit.” #ImpeachmentHearings 

Himes says the GOP line of questioning accusing Vindman of dual loyalties “may come in a Brooks Brothers suit,” but wants people to recognize that is what it was.

Himes accuses GOP lawyer Castor of cloaking an attack on Vindman’s loyalty in a Brooks Brothers suit and parliamentary language.

Rep. @jahimes  on questioning Lt. Col. Vindman’s loyalty "..that may have come cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit & parliamentary language...” References Lt. Col. Vindman Combat Infantryman Badge “..a Springfield rifle in a field of blue above a Purple Heart.” #ImpeachmentHearings 

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Rep. Himes brings the 🔥 on GOP line of questioning, calls out conspiracy theories on Vindman’s loyalty "cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit and parliamentary language."

Good line of questions by @jahimes . Calling out Castor's disgusting line of dual loyalty questioning "cloaked in a Brooks Brothers suit."


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One thing about the lie that Kavanaugh protestors are Soros-funded: it's anti-Semitic and rejects the legitimacy of dissent. But it's also projection: This is in fact what Republicans have done, e.g. in the "Brooks brothers riot" against a Florida recount

Or will there be something even further out of the box? A mass GOP walkout? A staged Brooks Brothers riot? Don't say I'm being silly — they've got nothing, and will do anything to hide that reality 4/

another iteration of the Brooks Brothers riot/storm the SCIF/head-butt the camera strategy

The Brooks Brothers raid on due process was attempted sabotage. They're obstructing justice.

I know everyone is all "Brooks Brothers riot-ing" this, and I get it, but I think that completely minimizes the reality of this situation. (1) Elected lawmakers, (2) in House facilities, (3) are ignoring rules, and (4) ignoring SCIF procedures. That's not 2000 ridiculousness.

“The darlings of the business world shifted from middle-aged men in Brooks Brothers suits, to college drop-outs in hoodies – it’s about to shift again.” Insightful—and electrifying—piece from .

Wearing my @HeymanHustle  Guy tee. Older man at Brooks Brothers said, "I'm a Paul Newman guy. I like his salad dressing." Then winked at me.