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Dan Lamothe
rip ryan owens the navy seal killed in yemen and just ided enlisted in 98 multiple awards with v include two b
RIP Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in Yemen and just IDed.

-- Enlisted in '98
-- Multiple awards "with V," include two Bronze Stars.
@USAA 7 months
former ranger msg brent gillespie is honored just before halftime of the game the ranger has deployed more tha
Former Ranger MSG Brent Gillespie is honored just before halftime of the ⁠ ⁠ game. The R#SaluteToServiceange#GBvsSEAr has deployed more than a dozen times & presented 2 Bronze Stars.
AP Politics
fema awarded 30m in contracts for hurricane maria disaster relief to a florida company bronze star llc a compa
FEMA awarded $30M in contracts for Hurricane Maria disaster relief to a Florida company, Bronze Star LLC – a company one month old with no actual Bronze Stars between its owners. The company never delivered.
Narendra Modi
one of the stars of the indian contingent of the 2018 asian para games in jakarta was monu ghanghas monu won t
One of the stars of the Indian contingent of the 2018 Asian Para Games in Jakarta was Monu Ghanghas. Monu won two medals, a medal each in Shot put (Bronze) and Discus throw (Silver). He has been rigorously practising and achieving remarkable success.
Stars and Stripes
werner trei a german citizen who was awarded three bronze stars for his service in vietnam is in hospice care
Werner Trei, a German citizen who was awarded three Bronze Stars for his service in Vietnam, is in hospice care. But he still hopes to get his U.S. citizenship.
Donna Brazile
as the proud daughter of a korean veteran who earned 4 bronze stars amp an un medal for valor we salute all of
As the proud daughter of a Korean veteran who earned 4 bronze stars & an UN Medal for valor, we salute all of our nation’s men and women of military service. Bless you all, especially my Uncles Henry, John, Johnny, Nat, Douglas and Floyd.

Stars and Stripes
former us sen bob dole earned two purple hearts and two bronze stars for valor for his service in the army dur
Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole earned two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars for valor for his service in the Army during World War II
first sergeant charles william davis ii has three bronze stars right before new years he was viciously gaybash
First Sergeant Charles William Davis II has three Bronze Stars. Right before New Year’s, he was viciously gaybashed by six men. His entire chain of command has shown him total support. Yet he suspects he was attacked by fellow soldiers.
Team GB
@TeamGB 2 years
gold silver bronze super saturday stars are at it again report here

Super Saturday stars are at it again. Report here:
Veterans Affairs
todays is army veteran thomas dailey thomas was a world war ii veteran and fought in the battle of the bulge h
Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran, Thomas Dailey. Thomas was a World War II Veteran and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the Bronze Star and earned four battle stars. He passed away on Feb. 13, 2019 at age 100. We honor his service.
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