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Team GB
@TeamGB 6 years
29 gold 17 silver 19 bronze we finished 3rd in medal table after most successful olympics for 104 years ourgre
29 gold, 17 silver, 19 bronze - We finished 3rd in medal table after most successful Olympics for 104 years #OurGreatestTeam RT your support
Joe Scarborough
robert mueller guided america through 9 11 awarded the bronze star with combat v for valor in battle the purpl
Robert Mueller:

-Guided America through 9/11
-Awarded the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for valor in battle
-The Purple Heart
-Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal w/ Combat "V" for valor
-The Vietnam Gallantry Cross

He is an American hero.

His attackers are a disgrace.
@ANI 10 months
i won a medal at commonwealth gamesampyou told me i will receive more help in futurebut my calls were not answ
I won a medal at Commonwealth Games&you told me I will receive more help in future,but my calls were not answered later. Good you are congratulating and rewarding us today but no support was given when we needed most: Bronze medalist at Asian Games Divya Kakran to Delhi CM (4.9)
Adam Schiff
will take more than some tweets to besmirch bob mueller a purple heart and bronze medal recipient who has serv
Will take more than some tweets to besmirch Bob Mueller, a Purple Heart and Bronze Medal recipient who has served presidents of both parties
while trump s attributes the bronze 3 medal to cnn in fact nbc amp cbs also originated or verified the same fa
While Trump's #FakeNewsAwards attributes the "bronze" (#3) medal to CNN, in fact, NBC & CBS also originated or "verified" the same false story in an extraordinary case of triple fake news placement that still lacks all transparency or discipline.
fefecuador are your u20wc bronze medal winners after richard mina s goal in extra time

@FEFecuador are your #U20WC bronze medal winners after Richard Mina's goal in extra time 👏
Narendra Modi
trust to make us proud and script history her bronze in the is the first ever medal for india in the women s s
Trust to make us proud and script history!

Her Bronze in the is the#AsianGames2018 first ever medal for India in the women's singles Badminton category.

India congratulates our star badminton player for yet another success.
Narendra Modi
celebrating teamwork scripting history congratulations to the indian sepak takraw team for winning the bronze
Celebrating teamwork, scripting history.

Congratulations to the Indian Sepak Takraw team for winning the Bronze Medal. This Medal is truly special. #AsianGames2018
Narendra Modi
our talented shooters give us our first medals at the well done and ravi kumar for bagging the bronze medal in
Our talented shooters give us our first medals at the .

Well done and Ravi Kumar for bagging the Bronze medal in the 10m Air rifle mixed team event. #AsianGames2018
Narendra Modi
one of our most promising wrestlers divya kakran shines in the 68 kg freestyle wrestling event at the congratu
One of our most promising wrestlers, Divya Kakran shines in the 68 Kg Freestyle wrestling event at the . Congratulations for the Bronze Medal.
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