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I'm not a Corbyn fan. Too many associations with + apologies for anti-Semites. But don't pretend Brits voted against bigotry. If Labour allowed a culture of hostility to Jews, the Tory's hostility to Muslims is even worse

Too bad about the Brits, but what does it mean for us?

17 Things Brits Do At Christmas That The Rest Of The World Would Find Weird via @its_hanifahh 

God bless the Brits: Their prime minister wins his constituency and he addresses the country on a stage alongside opponents including someone dressed as “Lord Buckethead” and another dressed in an Elmo costume.

Did the Brits steal the creepy Elmo from Times Square?

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James Bond or Homer Simpson? Brits are divided on how they view Boris Johnson

It’s going to be ugly in ways that Brits can scarcely comprehend. They’ve never had to call up an “HMO” and beg for life saving healthcare or have a hedge fund “raid” their savings. Those things are coming now, and they’re going to be literally incomprehensible to many.

#DogsAtPollingStations started trending on social media shortly after Brits headed to the polls.

At least there will soon be a bull market for heartwarming stories of gofundmes for ailing Brits

are americans thinking brits are voting to lose their public healthcare? cos no one has time for this


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Loved doing the @latelateshow  ! What a great show!Congrats to @JKCorden  and @benwinston  for making such a great show!Doing it for the Brits

Holy crap! We've been nominated for best group and best single at the Brits! I can't believe what's goin on! Honestly have a tear in my eye

Can't believe we have been nominated for TWO Brits !! Unbelievable :)

Thank youuuuuu to everybody who voted for us at The Brits :)

Gunna follow some of you who are voting for us for the brits !

so sad we can’t be at the Brits tonight as we are in Japan on tour ! Massive thanks to all of you voting . Ahh nervous to see if we won !!

Unbelievable response to the Brits voting ! Thank you all so much for voting thus far ! Let's keep it going

Yesssssssss!!! Get in ! Thank you guys so much ! Incredible news to wake up to! Best video at the Brits! Thank you @benwinston  !