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News: Over a third of Britons admit ageist behaviour in new study - Everyday#ageism  is increasingly of concern to #mentalhealth  experts, with evidence that it can impact people’s mental health, hasten the onset of dementia and even shorten life expectancy

Boris Johnson’s government is to launch a major public information campaign to reassure Britons about a potential no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson wants Britons to get vaccinated against measles via @SABCNewsOnline 

There are calls for an independent inquiry into what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Britons

Over a third of Britons admit to 'ageist' behaviour according to new study

Over a third of Britons admit to discriminating against people because of their age

Approximately one million Britons can trace their origins to Kashmir, says Peter Oborne. They will feel angered by what looks more and more like British complicity in Modi’s latest attack on India’s Muslim minority:

There are calls for an independent inquiry into what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Britons

Britons indulge in surprise pre-Brexit house buying spree


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Britons visited libraries more often than the cinema, Premier League football grounds and the country’s top 10 tourist attractions combined in 2015. But 846 public libraries have closed since 2010 due to the Tories' devastating cuts to local authorities.

The absolute nerve of instituting a policy which denied Britons'>Windrush Britons crucial medical care, including for cancer; had them kicked out of their homes; and deported from their own country - and then make this video

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Author says Britons suffer from “historical amnesia” when it comes to understanding the history of the British Empire

It will be interesting to see if Theresa May is extensively and aggressively interrogated by #Marr  next week on her rampantly racist Conservative Party: the expulsion of Britons'>Windrush Britons, the hostile environment, 'Go home' vans, immigrant-bashing, and endemic Islamophobia.

Dyson: off to SingaporeFarage: German passports for kids Rees-Mogg: new Irish fund Lawson: French residency Redwood: tells pals to quit UK Brexit was always a hobby for rich men with a plan B. A jolly board game with ordinary Britons' jobs & livelihoods as the counters.

When you hear ministers describing the imminent boost to NHS spending as a Brexit “dividend”, think 🦄. Britons will pay for it through increased taxes and the burden of higher debt

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You start by blaming immigrants for the crimes of the powerful. You end up with Britons who’ve lived here for half a century being kicked out of their own country and minorities being turned away from polling stations. History will be a damning judge on all this.

Absolutely sick of the Government claiming that they 'make work pay' when 60% of Britons in poverty are in working families #PMQs 

staggering someone who trades on patriotism - actively lobbies world not to visit our great country. Tourism employs 3.1m - 1 in 10 Britons.

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Front pages hint at why Britons chose #ResignCameron  hashtag for Saturday's coming protest: