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A third of Britons would have done the same as Dominic Cummings if they had felt the welfare of their child was at risk, a poll for The Sunday Telegraph shows By @gordonrayner 

Britons want to prevent world-class British producers going out of business

Why is coronavirus killing BAME Britons? Join us now LIVE on YouTube to discuss. As always, be sure to join us in the chat with your thoughts and questions.

A third of Britons would have done the same as Dominic Cummings if they had felt the welfare of their child was at risk, a poll for The Sunday Telegraph shows By @gordonrayner 

Thousands of Britons flocked to the coast during the weekend but only 17 beaches, out of the 248 usually covered, have lifeguards to protect them

At least 10% of Britons will IGNORE request to self-isolate, says health chief

Britons'>Black Britons are nearly twice as likely to die from COVID19 as white Britons. While Bangladeshi and Pakistani Britons are similarly at a higher risk. Why do you think this is the case and what should be done about it?


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Author says Britons suffer from “historical amnesia” when it comes to understanding the history of the British Empire

"Our country remains extremely well prepared," lied Boris Johnson on 7 April. The lethal clown returns today. When will Britons rise against those who govern by lies and media, who bear criminal responsibility for countless deaths, who have placed a nation under house arrest?

The UK Govt demands Britons download a phone app that "traces the virus". Australian PM Scott Morrison promotes a similar tool of mass surveillance. His adviser at WHO, Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, refuses. She warns the data will end up in the US. A digital pandemic is coming.

The biggest scandal right now should be that 1 in every 1,000 Britons has died because of this pandemic. We have the highest death toll in Europe because of a delayed lockdown, and that is on Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and the whole Conservative Government.

Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis confirms to me this evening that UK's record on coronavirus is currently not good enough for Britons to visit when tourist flights restart on June 15th.

UK minister, Michael Gove, has been caught out over the true number of Britons tested for CV. The govt is testing a mere fraction of Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, even impoverished Vietnam. In a pandemic, this is a crime. Don't let them get away with it.

Half a million NHS volunteers rescuing vulnerable Britons are humanity's best. Those making fortunes in unsafe, slave-labour care homes, privatised by BorisJohnson's gang, are the worst -- add Johnson currently drooling over an NHS his govt is selling off. Learn the lessons.

Dark day for minorities in the UK. Especially for British Muslims who watched as a man who said "Islam was the problem," mocked veiled Muslim women, & also turned a blind eye to massive anti-Muslim hatred in his party, was just given a landslide majority by their fellow Britons.

to the millions of good Britons grieving tonight: take heart; this monstrous act of self harm will not stand because the vast majority of the young repudiate it; will in time reverse it and will look back on all who made it possible with astounded contempt

It's so bloody depressing to see there are still racist morons in Britain who think it's OK to make monkey noises/gestures at black people. The answer is for all non-racists - the vast majority of Britons - to expose & vilify those who do it. Name them, shame them.