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My heart goes out to the victims and their families in London. No act of terror can shake the strength and resilience of our British ally.
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Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, including occupied Palestinian territory, is a reckless threat to peace. The British Government must condemn this dangerous act and work for a just and viable settlement of the conflict.
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My British-born husband takes his oath of citizenship today. In the packet for new Americans, the welcome letter from POTUS is from Obama. 😂
Ahh guys sorry we can’t be at the @BRITAwards. Thanks if you’re voting for us to win british videoooo. Tweet #ONEDIRECTIONBRIT to vote
So happy to get a little bit of a British summer
The video vote for 'British Video' has OPENED! Guys… we've come this far, let's make this happen 😭❤️️ You lot have been UNREAL so far…. U-N-R-E-A-L 🎖 Tweet #BRITVOTELITTLEMIX xx the girls xx
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Guys if you’d like to vote for “You & I”  for British Video @BRITAwards tweet tonight using #ONEDIRECTIONBRIT !! Thanks !! x
I don't make it a habit to respond to every ugly tweet from President Trump. If I did, I’d have little time for anything else. But even for Trump, today's retweets of a series of offensive videos from a British right-wing, anti-Muslim fringe group reaches a new low.
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