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Robert Mugabe enjoyed strong support from Zimbabwe's people soon after he became the first post-colonial leader of what had been British-controlled Rhodesia.

Hong Kong's two remaining British-controlled trading empires took very different routes after the handover. @davidfickling  writes why one could be better

The Iranian tanker that had been detained for a month has left Gibraltar. The ship had been held by officials in the British-controlled territory. #iran  #us  #sanctions  #gibraltar  #tanker  #gps  #oil  #syria  #iraniani #EUan

Bernard explained that 90% of Negombo’s population is Christian, dating from the days the Portuguese, Dutch, and British controlled these coasts of Sri Lanka. He congratulated me on my “good Catholic name” Patrick

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Go island-hopping with as he travels to St. Helena, an isolated speck of British-controlled land half a world away from the U.K.

. travels to an isolated speck of land off the coast of Africa, where residents of the British-controlled island maintain ties to the homeland 4,500 miles away, and where a piece of Napoleonic history is kept alive. (via )

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Jeremy Corbyn ally says Labour could seize total control of British-controlled tax havens to make tycoons like Ric…

Around 37.7m pieces of plastic are littering beaches of remote British-controlled South Pacific island #OceanRescue