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Two nations divided by a common language, but united by a common history. 205 years ago the British Army burnt down the White House following the incident we know as 'The American Revolution 2: The Empire Strikes Back'. #USA  @UKinUSA  @USArmy  #America 

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The British Empire left a mess behind in Hong Kong and Kashmir—and locals are still paying the price.

This is what it will look like when America rejoins the British Empire

Liverpool’s docks are central to the city’s history and led its growth in the 18th and 19th centuries, making it a cornerstone of the British Empire

In India, the British empire saw a future for the Greco-Roman civilisation

Rudyard Kipling is thought of as a bard of the British empire. But he wrote “Kim” in Vermont and addressed “The White Man’s Burden” to the United States.

@twlldun  This is how the British Empire happened. Someone's teenage son got hold of his parents' laptop already logged into to Amazon with credit card autofill, started small with the Falklands, soon ordering India to the local post office.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, actor and Commander Of The Order Of The British Empire, just wants to play piano, pet cats

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I have been reading and loving the #1619Project  but the occasional implications that the British colonizers had a moral high ground by wanting to ban slavery are odd. There were a million other reasons that empire had zero respect for human dignity.


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August 4th 1918 was one of the most remarkable and significant days in the history of the GAA. It will be forever remembered as Gaelic Sunday - the day when the GAA peacefully stood against the British Empire - and won! #GaelicSunday 

Author says Britons suffer from “historical amnesia” when it comes to understanding the history of the British Empire

What this whole thing reveals is how many people really think calling someone an African is an insult, while calling them French is a compliment. Pity them. I’m British by the way. And African too. Wasnt my idea, Europeans invented these dual identities through Empire

Actress Emma Thompson with the insignia of a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire which she received from The Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace for services to drama.

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In light of the Windrush scandal, it's even more important that we understand the role and legacy of the British empire, colonisation and slavery. Labour’s Emancipation Educational Trust will tell the story of slavery and the struggle for liberation.

In light of the Windrush scandal, #BlackHistoryMonth  has taken on a renewed significance. It is more important now than ever that we learn and understand, as a society, the role and legacy of the British Empire, colonisation and slavery.

Johnson has not a single clue about the systemic race crimes the British Empire perpetrated. It's all Kipling to him

Today Ed Sheeran was made an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by The Prince of Wales. Congratulations!