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British Sharia Council judge: A man should not be questioned why he hit his wife

As Dubai tower block popular with wealthy British people burns down, Kensington & Chelsea Council reveals it's already rehoused them all.
English Communication Skills Project being undertaken by APSCHE, in collaboration with British Council, has been instrumental in improving the employability and spoken English skills among the youth of Andhra Pradesh.
Farewell to Beijing with a visit to the Temple of Heaven. Next stop Shanghai for British Council #ShakespeareLives
"US #SyriaStrikes a proportionate response to unspeakable acts."

British Ambassador @MatthewRycroft1 addresses UN Security Council. #Syria
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.@MichelBarnier: “Even if the European Council does recognise sufficient progress on Friday, we will have a final agreement only if the political commitments taken by Theresa May on behalf of the British government last Friday are respected. We will be vigilant.”
"Balfour had more right to offer a state in Wales than Palestine" says @kamelhawwash vice chair of the British Palestinian Policy Council.
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The pro-Islamist (Jamat-e-Islam dominated) Muslim Council of Britain is supported by only 1.9% of British Muslim
Accepting lower US standards on food hygiene wd be "absolute betrayal" of food and farming sector - British Poultry Council @BBCr4today
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