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Niall Horan
britishairways you lot lost my suitcase on thursday last week and i still haven t received it terrible system
@British_Airways you lot lost my suitcase on Thursday last week and I still haven't received it .. Terrible system
@News24 3 weeks
super rich nigerians are ordering pizza from london and having it delivered by british airways government mini
Super-rich Nigerians are ordering pizza from London and having it delivered by British Airways, government minister claims
The Int'l Spectator
year founded etihad 2003 qatar airways 1993 emirates 1985 british airways 1974 lufthansa 1953 ana 1952 cathay
Year founded

Etihad: 2003
Qatar Airways: 1993
Emirates: 1985
British Airways: 1974
Lufthansa: 1953
ANA: 1952
Cathay Pacific: 1946
Turkish Airlines: 1933
Air France: 1933
American Air: 1930
Air India: 1930
Iberia: 1927
United: 1926
Delta: 1924
Qantas: 1920
KLM: 1919
Avianca: 1919
The Int'l Spectator
flights on time 2017 qantas 862 japan airlines 853 singapore 841 all nippon 838 qatar 829 delta 827 united 798
Flights on time, 2017

Qantas: 86.2%
Japan Airlines: 85.3%
Singapore: 84.1%
All Nippon: 83.8%
Qatar: 82.9%
Delta: 82.7%
United: 79.8%
Emirates: 79.7%
American Airlines: 79%
British Airways: 78.5%
Lufthansa: 76.9%
Air France: 76.4%
Turkish Airlines: 76.3%
Air China: 60.1%

sachin tendulkar
and luggage being tagged by britishairways to wrong destination and don t care attitude neveronba 2 2
And luggage being tagged by @British_Airways to wrong destination and don't care attitude! #NeveronBA (2/2)
@cctvnews 8 months
breaking air france joins british airways in canceling flights to iran s capital tehran from sept 18 follow us
BREAKING Air France joins British Airways in canceling flights to Iran's capital Tehran from Sept. 18. Follow us for more.
Little Mix
upset with lack of customer service at britishairways no communication and cbb to help us may avoid booking wi
Upset with lack of customer service at @British_Airways no communication and cbb to help us! 😕May avoid booking wit them in future leigh x
Josh Devine
gotta love flying with britishairways lounge food is
Gotta love flying with @British_Airways. Lounge food is
The New York Times
when passengers on a british airways flight departed london on monday they expected to land in germany they en
When passengers on a British Airways flight departed London on Monday, they expected to land in Germany. They ended up in Scotland.
Ian Somerhalder
the salvatore boys on a british airways flight on my birthday dec 8th 2009 from la to london
The Salvatore boys on a British Airways flight on my birthday Dec, 8th 2009 from LA to London...…
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