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City Airport and British Airways - The lady I checked in with and the lady at security were complete delights and amazing but the young BA boys at gate 7 were so rude. 🙈🙈 @British_Airways  @LondonCityAir 

British Airways to operate reduced Sep 27 service after pilots call off strike

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British Airways pilots went on strike for the first time in the company's history this month. It's the latest case of aviation workers showing the power of organized labor. Read @JenLouiseWilson 's #thread  on recent strikes of the sky: (1/10)

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Half of British Airways flights that were cancelled due to pilots’ strike are now back ON

On Sept. 9, pilots went on a two-day strike over compensation issues. Hundreds of canceled fights meant a loss of $49 million per day for British Airways. Pilots just called off a second strike, but with no settlement yet, there could be more walkouts.

British Airways says it will restore service to all destinations by next Friday after pilots called off a planned strike over pay

Everything you need to know about British Airways' plans now the pilot strike has been called off


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BREAKING: British Airways says it has cancelled "nearly 100%" of its flights as a result of a pilots’ 48-hour strike over pay. BA operates up to 850 flights a day.

The Salvatore boys on a British Airways flight on my birthday Dec, 8th 2009 from LA to London...…

And luggage being tagged by @British_Airways  to wrong destination and don't care attitude! #NeveronBA  (2/2)

BREAKING Air France joins British Airways in canceling flights to Iran's capital Tehran from Sept. 18. Follow us for more.

@British_Airways you lot lost my suitcase on Thursday last week and I still haven't received it .. Terrible system

Upset with lack of customer service at @British_Airways  no communication and cbb to help us! 😕May avoid booking wit them in future leigh x

Amazing night shooting San Siro. It's going to be a special film. Meanwhile @British_Airways  still haven't returned my bag 3 days on