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I can't get my head around what's happening in Britain.I'm so sorry to the youth of Britain. I fear you've been let down today x
#VoteLabour today for a fairer Britain. Find out where to vote, then share this ↓
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Donald Trump is planning to sneak into Britain to avoid protests. RT if you're willing to commit to protesting this bigot at short notice ✊
.@theresa_may Why are you missing from this statement? You can't stand up for Britain because you won't stand up to Trump. Weak leadership.
We know Theresa May can't now negotiate Brexit for Britain because she told us losing majority would destroy her authority---and it has.
As polls close, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has voted for @UKLabour, for a fairer, better Britain, that works #ForTheMany.
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This is our day. Our time. Our chance. Today, let's come together and #VoteLabour to transform Britain #ForTheMany, not the few. #GE2017
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I will lead a government you can rely on. Labour will build a Britain that works #ForTheMany, not the few.
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Today, we Americans celebrate our independence from Britain while planning our escape to Canada.
RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth, 89.
One of Britain's greatest ever entertainers & a lovely man.
Very sad news.
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