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When I visit Pakistan/India and speak in local language some will answer back in English assuming it’s what Brit Asians prefer. But I actually love speaking (well trying) Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi because languages are a beautiful thing. Be proud of your mother tongue.

Kashmiris cries for justice damaged by all those Brit Asians who were persuaded to support #Brexit  @KashmirCouncil1 

Any other BRIT Asians who like “curry” sauce on chips? Oh....just me then. #itsanorthernthing 

When we see how some papers and politicians talk about immigrants is it any wonder that some Brit Asians will feel we are tolerated here?

"23 June demonstrate we will remain open tolerant diverse - Brit Asians Vote#Remain " @SHKMEP  to @DunyaNews  #EUref 

Only 1 fool in room wn @vote_leave  D Hannan tells 3rd generation Brit Asians#Brexit  n ur families can come to UK"

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Would you be offended if someone told you to "go back to your own country"? Dont some Brit asians say "back home"'?

@G_Manak relevant to Brit asians how exactly?

@NewsNationTV read my interview properly. I didn't say Brit Asians should support England first


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perusing for a suit for the brit awards next week and feeling intimidated by groups of fashionable rich asians

Pt 1 Standard -things being taken out of context. What I said was Brit Asians in the UK should feel that it is OK to play for Eng even if

Such a missed opportunity that UK Cricket Broadcasters don't have Brit Asians on their team when Ind/SL/Pak play. @SkyCricket  I'm around!??