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The Guardian
brisbane writers festival under fire after germaine greer and bob carr disinvited
Brisbane writers' festival under fire after Germaine Greer and Bob Carr 'disinvited'
come on now the brisbane writers festival knew what they were getting with lionel shriver bwf16
Come on now. The Brisbane Writers Festival knew what they were getting with Lionel Shriver #bwf16
Financial Review
lionel shriver right protesters wrong at brisbane writers festival mrjoeaston writes
Lionel Shriver right, protesters wrong at Brisbane Writers Festival, @mrjoeaston writes.
The Australian
germaine greer s perfect comeback after she and bob carr were told they are not welcome at the brisbane writer
Germaine Greer's perfect comeback after she and Bob Carr were told they are not welcome at the Brisbane Writers Festival because they are 'too controversial'
The New Republic
the brisbane writers festival promised connection and belonging it didn t deliver
The Brisbane Writers Festival promised "connection and belonging." It didn't deliver.
Brisbane Times
brisbane writers festival is celebrating queensland literature all weekend
Brisbane Writers Festival is celebrating Queensland literature all weekend
i m doing the opening address at the brisbane writers festival and if i hold a koala i m going to change it to
I'm doing the opening address at the Brisbane Writers' Festival and if I hold a koala I'm going to change it to I Held A Koala.
ABC The Drum
you can t blame the brisbane writer s festival for having good taste sure you can buy bob carr s book here but
"You can't blame the Brisbane Writer's Festival for having good taste. Sure you can buy Bob Carr's book here, but the big question is would you want to? Do you suffer from insomnia?" on Bris Writer’s Fest #TheDrum
ABC The Drum
was dropping greer and carr from the brisbane writer s festival an attack on free speech tonight on by electio
Was dropping Greer and Carr from the Brisbane Writer's Festival an attack on free speech? Tonight on #TheDrum: by-elections wash-up #auspol, writer’s festival controversy and Cricket Australia sacks employee who campaigned for abortion reform
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