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Brian Stelter Gets Rude Awakening After Rant About Outlets With ‘Better Journalistic Reputations’ Than OANN

Tweeter catches CNN's Brian Stelter demonstrating that media's COVID19 coverage 'is all just a stupid game'

Brian Stelter Gets Rude Awakening After Rant About Outlets With 'Better Journalistic Reputations' Than OANN

Brian Stelter calls Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing — the one CNN had to cut into — ‘vital’

CNN's Brian Stelter Trips and Faceplants Over Contradictions While Accusing Trump of Self-Isolating at Fox News


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Where’s Brian Stelter’s correction and apology? This fraud and his phony network are never held to account for their reckless abuse of journalistic standards, such as they are.

Survey: which phony journalist is the best Adam Schiff mouthpiece? Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter, Andrea Mitchell, or name another choice.

On what basis or standard is CNN's Brian Stelter a "journalist?" He's a consistent conservative-bashing, Fox-bashing, Trump-bashing mouthpiece and a reckless rumor-mongering propagandist. Thoughts?

It is instructive to note the people who continue to applaud Michelle Wolf’s disastrous performance at the WH Correspondents Dinner. Of course CNN’s chief propagandist Brian Stelter found the gross remarks worthy as did Fox commentator Juan Williams. The View loved the hate.

Trevor Noah is a fool. He should visit Israel and see how Trump is viewed here — as a historic figure. And Brian Stelter never disappoints. He’s a pathetically ignorant propagandist who allows the fool Noah smear the president without retort. 

Others are finally realizing what I pointed out in March 2017. CBrian Stelter'>NN’s Brian Stelter is a fraud. Better late than never.