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brian n scott are fighting backstage and I can't breathe
Just heard a mix of my duet w @NathanTheWanted. His new name is Brian McWhite. That voice of his, what a gift! Can't wait for you to hear!!!
Brian Cant, former presenter of BBC children's shows Play School & Play Away, has died aged 83, his family says
!!!!!! Brian Williams on MSNBC: "What we can't repeat is what he said about Steve Bannon which is - if true - would make Bannon a gymnast.
Brian Cant: genuinely sad for people my age. Let's just say he's passed away-a-way-way. #RIPBrian. And we still have @Derek1Griffiths.
"I'm not going anywhere, okay?" - Brian to Mia in #FastFive - RT if you can't wait for #Fast6! - #TeamPW #FastFridays
We just can't trust Brian Williams, says man who diverted proceeds of illegal arms sales to Iran to Nicaraguan rebels
Celtics’ Avery Bradley can’t even be mad about this L (via Brian Robb/@CelticsHub)
Sad news. Presenter and actor Brian Cant has died at the age of 83.
The former Play School host had been living with Parkinson's Disease.
Just found out my dog Brian can't even read. What a waste of money. #capitalism #muggedoff
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