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brian n scott are fighting backstage and I can't breathe
Just heard a mix of my duet w @NathanTheWanted. His new name is Brian McWhite. That voice of his, what a gift! Can't wait for you to hear!!!
Brian Cant, former presenter of BBC children's shows Play School & Play Away, has died aged 83, his family says
Brian Cant: genuinely sad for people my age. Let's just say he's passed away-a-way-way. #RIPBrian. And we still have @Derek1Griffiths.
Sad news. Presenter and actor Brian Cant has died at the age of 83.
The former Play School host had been living with Parkinson's Disease.
"I'm not going anywhere, okay?" - Brian to Mia in #FastFive - RT if you can't wait for #Fast6! - #TeamPW #FastFridays
Brian Cant, children's presenter dies at 83
Celtics’ Avery Bradley can’t even be mad about this L (via Brian Robb/@CelticsHub)
The family of Brian Cant says the former 'Play School' presenter and actor has died at the age of 83
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