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Memories of Perth. Thank you - every one of you - who gave us so much energy back in our show. Monumental !! Bless ya - BRI

China and the countries with Belt and Road infrastructure investments produced 48% of global carbon emissions. Read the @CSISEnergy  report on China's efforts to "green" its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI):

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#ExpressFrontPage | With China moving to expand its strategic footprint through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), India and the US will discuss the Blue Dot network, a new proposal to cover infrastructure and development projects across the region.

⏱️ 80m | Clock is dead so this will be the final play BRI 13-10 WAR

⏱️ 80m | Chris Vui goes over the line but drops the ball. Warriors have scrum and Andrew Kitchener returns BRI 13-10 WAR

⏱️ 79m | Big defence boys, come on. BRI 13-10 WAR

⏱️ 70m | PENALTY | Sheedy applies the punishment BRI 13-10 WAR

⏱️ @scottvbreda  with a long range missile to tie it up! 🎯 BRI 10-10 WAR

⏱️ 63m | Sloppy handling from both sides but Warriors are pinged for offside and Bristol kick penalty to touch BRI 10-7 WAR

⏱️ 61m | @duncan_weir  kicks penalty to touch and @gkitchener89  wins the lineout. Big carries from @OLawrence1  and Sam LewisBRI 10-7 WAR


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5 Seconds on Stage in 3-D last night in Tallinn. @5SOS  @VoodooDoll_2997  Rockin' ! Photo by me ! Bri

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Congratulations to Rami - and our sound mixing team and sound editors - and John Ottman - brilliant editor of Bohemian Rhapsody. We won 4 Oscars ?!! Ouch ! Amazing. Bri

Not a day I like to celebrate. Just quietly and fondly remember. RIP Freddie. Bri

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This is a day in the year I would never be able to celebrate. But, old pal, we never forget - not for a moment. Rock on dear Freddie. Bri

URGENT !!! URGENT !!! PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to save a beautiful coral reef and irreplaceable eco-system, threatened by USA extending an airbase. Bri

It's official today. This awful woman will bring back blood sports unless we mobilise and STOP HER. Bri

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