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Cox’s big argument is we would have strong legal case at the European Court of Justice to argue backstop cannot be permanent under Article 50 if it ever looked to be becoming permanent. He is asking Brexiters to believe that the ECJ would rule for them. This is a very good joke
The minute Brexiters have to write down their ‘plan’, expose it to scrutiny & explain the detail, the whole thing will fall apart. This holds whatever the plan is. No deal is now the only way they get to continue refusing to write anything down. It really is this simple & tragic.
This statement by @eucopresident suggests @theresa_may is utterly wasting her time in delaying the vote - in that Tory Brexiters and the DUP say there is no possibility of them backing her deal unless the backstop is renegotiated.
Brexiters’ opposition to May’s deal consists of complaining that it will turn us into the country they insisted we already were when they were campaigning to leave. No wonder the whole debate is so surreal.
Tory Brexiters become angrier and angrier as they wade through 585 pages of the Withdrawal Agreement. “This is a worse capitulation than we feared” said one. They tell me there will be enough letters in with Brady of ‘22 C’ttee by lunch tomorrow to force vote of confidence!
Please explain: If 700,000 people march in London demanding a #peoplesvote, Brexiters are quick to point out that they represent just 1% of the British population. But if 8,000 yellow vests trash Paris, it's a "popular revolt".
Probably a good time to remember that the guy who just sold his own country out to its enemies is the same guy Brexiters are relying on to save ours.
Two simple, rhetorical questions with which to pull down the pants of Brexiters bleating ignorantly about WTO rules:
Who elected the people who run it?
When did we vote to join it?
Brexiters are currently:
1) Still convinced that there is a brilliant but as yet completely unspecified deal to be struck and...
2) Furious that Remainers haven't worked out & explained what the deal will be.
"Brexiters promised £350 million a week to their citizens, instead they have to pay billions of euros. They promised a global Britain, instead they got a lonely Britain."

Former European Commissioner Viviane Reding is "saddened British people [are] victim to political crooks".
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