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Forty-four days away from Brexit and they haven't got a clue."

A Honda worker accuses the government of "completely incompetent handling" of Brexit and "idiocy of epic proportions".
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"I make no apology for saying that leaving the EU without a deal would be a catastrophe for British farming."

National Farmers' Union President Minette Batters says a no-deal Brexit is "the stuff of nightmares".
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Honda. Real business. Real jobs. Real damage. Done by Brexit. Entirely predictable. The world is watching a country choose its own decline. And its leaders fail to stop it.
Brexit latest: Outrage as people who voted to abolish free movement discover that abolishing free movement means movement will no longer be free.
Overheard in Berlin bakery: “Brexit is like a 97 year old royal behind the wheel. You know it’s a bad idea but are too polite to stop it.”
Those of us who’ve been proved miserably right about Brexit have hoped throughout that we’d misunderstood something & would be proved wrong.
Those who’ve been proved categorically & catastrophically wrong about everything are still all over the media insisting that they’re right.
My mentions have taught me that Brexit is like Trump’s wall. For its devoted fans it has a symbolic value totally unrelated to its workability, its true cost or the glaring self-interest of its proposers, whereas non-believers see nothing but a deranged and costly vanity project.
‘Can we get over feeling sorry for Theresa May?’
This audience member criticises the prime minister’s handling of Brexit. #bbcqt
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I feel I should take the job of Brexit Secretary now. If only so that when I resign, Theresa May can finally be proved right than No Deal is better than a Baddiel.
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