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Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay was asked by MPs in Parliament if he would be happy for the U.K. to have a short, "technical" delay to the Oct. 31 exit day deadline to pass the legislation required for the country to leave the EU. His response? “No"

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Boris Johnson will write a letter to Brussels asking for a delay if no deal is approved by Saturday, the Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has said on the final day of negotiations before the key summit

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Government "will comply" with law forcing UK to request Brexit delay to avoid no-deal, says Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay

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"The government will comply with the law" forcing ministers to request a Brexit delay if MPs fail to sign off a deal, or back no-deal, by Saturday, says Brexit Secretary Stephen BarclayLive updates:

The PM will ask the EU for a Brexit delay if he fails to get a deal approved by parliament by Saturday, the Brexit secretary says. Sky's @KateEMcCann  talks us through what could happen next and says "lots of options are on the table". Latest here:

Last year it was a resigning issue for @DavidMundellDCT . Now the ex Scottish Secretary tells @PaulBrandITV  why he's open to a Brexit deal that gives Northern Ireland special status - and why @NicolaSturgeon  is wrong. The full #ITVActingPM  episode will be released on Thursday

The DUP's opinion on any new Brexit agreement is "quite important", says ex-Brexit secretaryDavid Davis

🎥 Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay says Prime Minister would request Brexit delay if no deal in place #Brexit  #BrexitDealD #BorisJohnsoneal 🎥

The UK will ask the EU for a #Brexit  extension if there is no deal by Saturday, the country's Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay says

Stephen Barclay has been Brexit Secretary for almost a year, and I can still barely recognise him

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BREAKING: Boris Johnson offers Mauricio Pochettino job as new Brexit Secretary. ‘Nobody can get us out of Europe faster than this guy!’ explained the Prime Minister.

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You simply could not have made it up! Less than 24 hrs before the most pro-Brexit PM ever is named, Trump refuses to come the UK's aid in protecting UK ships off Iran. Necessitating Foreign Secretary Hunt to beg the European powers we seek to leave, to help out!

I feel I should take the job of Brexit Secretary now. If only so that when I resign, Theresa May can finally be proved right than No Deal is better than a Baddiel.

If only these leadership contenders had been able to do something to stop Brexit becoming the mess they describe. If only they’d had votes at various stages of the process or been in the Cabinet or been Foreign Secretary or Secretary of State for Brexit. I really feel for them.

It comes as no surprise that Dominic Raab is unfit to be Brexit Secretary when you take a look at his CV. 👇

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay admits on BBC Today that the Government has no ‘alternative arrangents’ for no border between Ireland and Northern Ireland: Welcome to yesterday and the day before that and before that and.....

Strangest 2 things of the night - Steve Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, voted against the plan he had been arguing for minutes before, and the chief whip who is in charge of getting MP s to back the govt, abstained

I’ve heard it all now. The Brexit Secretary has just voted against the motion that he’d just been arguing for. Anyone got a better word than Omnishambles?