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Why should journalists transcribe Bolsonaro's tirades? asks @marilizpj  "[Because] decades from now Brazilians might not remember unemployment stats or the exchange rate of the $. But they will know we had a president who was sexist, racist & homophobic"

@lfuturo  @DamaresAlvesThank  you. She knew - and said - that the people doing this were a tiny minority and not representative of Brazilians. She visited here and loved the people and the country.

Santos demand £3.75m from Barcelona for Neymar transfer as Brazilians 'are still owed cash from seven years ago'

The Welshman playing alongside Brazilians in Gareth Bale's new professional FIFA team

Anele Ngcongca explains contract delay: Mamelodi Sundowns defender Anele Ngcongca has disclosed he's yet to agree to a new contract with the club as the Brazilians aim to offer him only a year's extension, while he hankers for two or more years.

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Brazilians turn samba into a means of protest against the government in their street parties. They sang a samba that made fun of President#JairBolsonaro .

Even as groups of Brazilians newly placed in the “Return to Mexico” program trickle in, Juarez’s two largest migrant shelters report a drastic decrease in guests.


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@Pornhub if u only knew how much @Rihanna  looove u!!! #brazilians  #latinos 

Quickest ways to kill your entertainment career, ranked: (3) hurt a dog (2) bigotry/discrimination of any kind (1) offend Brazilians

Brazilians'>Hey Brazilians! I just got werd that I'm coming there this year! I can't wait, I know u can't either. I will be giving you more info soon!:)

?????? #OnThisDay  in 2000, won the with victo #ClubWCy  over fellow Brazilians Vasco da Gama in a penalty shoot-out in the final ?

Our warmest congrats and best wishes to #Brazil  as the Brazilians celebrate their 197th Independence Day! Greetings from #Ukraine ! #SeteDeSetembro 

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The inaction and denialism of Trump and Bolsonaro are threatening not just our lives, but also future generations. Americans and Brazilians must come together to defeat these rightwing demagogues and act immediately to save the planet—our only home—from climate catastrophe.

Millions of Brazilians are deeply worried that the rise of the far-right threatens an assault on democratic rights. We stand in solidarity with those defending freedom, peace and justice in Brazil.

The Brazilians are taking over... JUSTEN is the spanish version of Justin haha! Oi Tudo Bem!!! JAWWSTON! jajaja