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Justin Bieber
brazil i love u
Brazil, I love u.
Niall Horan
cmon brazil neymarjr
Cmon Brazil ! 🇧🇷 @neymarjr
@LiamPayne 4 years
so excited to b in brazil can t believe i m actually hear
So excited to b in Brazil can't believe I'm actually hear
Niall Horan
also very sad to see brazil go out of the world cup like that but the germans were great tonight getwellsoonne
Also , very sad to see Brazil go out of the World Cup like that, but the Germans were great tonight ! #GetWellSoonNeymar #forcaneymar
John Bolton
were proud to make brazil a major non nato ally and look forward to working with them on venezuela iran and ch
We’re proud to make Brazil a Major Non-NATO Ally, and look forward to working with them on Venezuela, Iran, and China. A great meeting with a strong new strategic partner!
thx brazil tiamo
Thx Brazil. Tiamo
@Fusion 2 weeks
brazil s fascist homophobe president tweets golden shower video
Brazil's fascist homophobe president tweets golden shower video
Justin Bieber
brazil has been incredible
Brazil has been incredible
Justin Bieber
obrigado brazil paraguay is next believetour
Obrigado Brazil!!! Paraguay is next. #BelieveTour
The Associated Press
update the governor of sao paulo says two young men wearing hoods and carrying several weapons opened fired at
UPDATE: The governor of Sao Paulo says two young men, wearing hoods and carrying several weapons, opened fired at a school in southern Brazil, killing eight people before taking their own lives.
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