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#Alert – Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh sparks storm on 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

#Alert – Citizenship Amendment Bill in Lok Sabha next week. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

#Alert – A group of college students thrash eve teaser. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

#Alert – Hyderabad-like horrifying case emerges from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

#Alert – 1984 riots storm: Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh speaks storm on 1984. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

#Alert – Here are the headlines that we are tracking. Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob .

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019: Everything you need to know. @Zakka_Jacob  explains on the #BrassTacks 


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#NewsAlert - Apple to invest $1 billion in India. Join @Zakka_Jacob  on #BrassTacks 

As many as 20 lakh security personnel were deployed in the seven-phase Lok Sabha polls, rendering the exercise bigger than India's well known 'OperationBrasstacks' in the 1980s.

Getting down to brasstacks:why the Merkel visit, PM Modi speech was a dose of reality,not abt photo-ops @the_hindu