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#OnThisDay in 2017, Bradley Beal broke the franchise record for most threes in a season. 🐼 He finished the season with 223 that year, and still holds the record. 👌 #RepTheDistrict  | @RealDealBeal23 

Most total points scored over the last 5 seasons: James Harden - 11,837 Damian Lillard - 9,609 Russell Westbrook - 9,595 LeBron James - 9,174 Giannis Antetokounmpo - 8,880 DeMar DeRozan - 8,677 Anthony Davis - 8,609 Kemba Walker - 8,451 Bradley Beal - 8,434 Paul George - 8,422

In what has been the best season of his eight-year career, Bradley Beal has taken his game and his standing in the league to a new level. 🐼👏 #RepTheDistrict  | @RealDealBeal23 

After tonight's #WizSuns  2K simulation game, re-watch Bradley Beal's 51-point game from 2017 in Portland on @CSNMA ! | #RepTheDistrict  @RealDealBeal23 

Doing some research and have a finding: Bradley Beal’s real good at basketball. Like, real good.

Athletes like Alex Ovechkin and Bradley Beal are on the bench because of the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean the NHL and NBA won’t be seen this weekend on television.

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#GrizzCoachJenkins – Great activity on this possession. Back to back stops to start the half. Game-plan execution from @dbrookz8  on Bradley Beal, and great P/R defense and “rearview activity” from on @igotgame_12h '>I @igotgame_12h  Smith’s pull-up jumper

#GrizzCoachJenkins – Yet another example of good game-plan execution on Bradley Beal from @dbrookz8 . Taking away the 3pt line with “top-lock” defense, and still competing to chase Beal down for a contest on his pull-up 2

#GrizzCoachJenkins – Tough bucket from Bradley Beal. Great effort to make him earn this bucket. From @DeAnthonyMelton  denying to start, and then @brandonclarke23  and @JValanciunas  both active around the rim. Keep competing!

Wiz lose the simulated game to the Bucks by 19, 80-61. Boos rain down from the Capital One Arena crowd at the final buzzer. Bradley Beal: 19 points.


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Bradley Beal went all in on his wedding proposal ?? (via @RealDealBeal23  / IG)

Bradley Beal led 50 high school students on a college tour of Howard University today. That's real, @RealDealBeal23 . (via @WashWizards )

Bradley Beal becomes the first player to score 50+ points in consecutive nights since... Kobe Bryant. 💜💛

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“You can’t guard me. You can’t guard me. I’ve got 30.” —Bradley Beal to Miles Bridges before sinking the free throw.⁣ ⁣ On the next play, Beal hit a three and got in his face afterwards. Cold.

"A little pissed off about it ... It's disrespectful. ... I'm gonna try and get my team in the playoffs for sure." Strong words from Bradley Beal postgame when he was asked about missing the All-Star game.

Bradley Beal scored 50+ points on back-to-back nights. The last player to do that was Kobe Bryant in March 2007.

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Bradley Beal's Top Scoring Games This Season 53 PTS, L 47 PTS, L 46 PTS, L 44 PTS, L 44 PTS, 10 AST, W 42 PTS, L 40 PTS, L 37 PTS, L

DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond & Mike Conley's guaranteed $ = 11 starting NFL QBs' total guaranteed $

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