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"Ultimately, summer camps exist to validate outmoded social structures among the most vulnerable age bracket. It’s not surprising that athletic preteen extroverts with good looks and excess friends shine in a camp setting — nor is it condemnable."

It’s the #100T  comeback! @TeamReciprocity  with the HARD reverse sweep down 0-2 in the Control, they knock @Luminosity  into the Bracket'>Losers Bracket! #CWLPS4  | #CWLChamps 

A HIGHLIGHT REEL OF A SERIES! @OpTicGaming  closes out @Enigma6Group  with another 3-1 victory! They send E6 to the Loser's Bracket! #GreenWall  #CWLChamps  📺:

The women's bracket has a lot questions with New York just around the corner. No. 1 isn't one of them

👋👋👋 @eunitedgg  get it done in Game Five with an impressive map fr @SimpTheSickJokem  @EvilGeniuses  They send to the Loser #StandUniteds #CWLChamps Bracket! 📺:

Game Five, Round 11 goes in the way of @Team Reciprocity! Rec sends @Luminosity  down to the Loser's Bracket and prepares to face @OpTicGaming ! #RECPack  #CWLChamps  📺:

@WWE  reveals 2019 King Of The Ring bracket. First round kicks off on Monday👑 Who ya got?🤔

Found 32 podcast hosts to showcase for the upcoming poll bracket. Will provide link to their work, short description, and a “Show Poll Results” option. Brent Hanks vs Steve Fredlund James Hartigan vs Chad Halloway Adam Schwartz vs Bruce Biggs Jonathan Little vs Jamie Kerstetter

It's the second day of bracket play at #CWLChamps  and with 12 teams left, it's all to play for. Make sure you're up to date on all of the #CODChamps  results with our live-updating page here:

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I’m a grown ass man and still get butterflies every time I think about my lady. This love thing has no age bracket. 😩

Incredible to have a Chicago team in the Final Four. I’ll take that over an intact bracket any day! Congratulations to everybody - let’s keep it going!

11.57 million people filled out a bracket on ESPN's Bracket Challenge... Only ONE (!!) is still perfect.

Filling out your bracket last minute…

Congratulations (?) to the owner of the one bracket out of 17.3 million who has gone 0 for 20 so far in Tournament Challenge.

Warren Buffett is offering ONE BILLION DOLLARS to anyone who fills out a perfect March Madnessbracket this year.

The last remaining perfect bracket left in ESPN's Tourney Challenge has Kansas losing to Duke in the National Championship, 58-0.

Of the 11.57 million brackets entered in ESPN'S Bracket Challenge, ONLY 273 are perfect. Last year, there were 18,471 correct after day 1.